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3 Insights to Drive More Salon Bookings (And Make More With Every Visit)

Knowing the reasons clients come to your salon is the key to keeping bookings strong and AOV high.

As a salon owner, there are two key questions to ask: “How do clients choose a salon?” and “Why do clients stay loyal to a salon?” Understanding the answers is the secret to long-term success for your shop — and there’s more to it than “Great stylists at low prices.” 

We recently published a report titled The Perfect Salon: A Data-Driven Guide to Creating the Ideal Client Experience. In it, we surveyed 800 beauty service consumers in the US to understand how they choose a salon and what services they seek. Here are a few key insights that will help you get more clients through the door — and keep them loyal for the long haul.

1. Reasonable prices are nice, but nice stylists are GOLD

The reasons why people do anything can vary wildly, but when it comes to health and beauty, there are a few keystone factors to think about.

  • Value - discounts don’t hold the power they once did. Only 3% of respondents said they were motivated by deals, so instead of knocking down the price, offer value-adds like extra services, products, or even just a luxe-feeling environment.

  • Convenience - online portfolios only mattered to 22% of people surveyed. They cared more about the efficiency of the booking and service process instead.

  • Upselling - your stylists are the ultimate tool when it comes to moving product.

  • Analog vs. Digital - stuck in the stone age with phone calls for booking? This will cost you clients, but a poor online booking experience won’t help you either.

  • Relationships - being good human beings and offering stellar customer service still ranks among the highest motivating factors for client retention.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Our research showed potential clients’ preferred methods of finding new salons, what factors make them tip well or not at all, and more. The full report reveals all the actionable metrics.

2. Creative packages & subscriptions are profits paid forward

Though marketing might have you believe that women are in the salon all the time, it’s actually men who visit most often. 68% of men say they visit the salon at least once a month. 38% of men come as often as once a week. This may simply boil down to the fact that men generally have shorter styles, so they require more regular maintenance, but it’s a good reminder not to forget that half of the market.

But traditional salons have begun taking cues from barbershops by offering beverages during service, clean-up services, and more. In fact, some have gone as far as introducing a subscription or package pricing structure to give their business greater appeal among frequent visitors. This strategy could up the profitability of your client base significantly.

3. Multi-service bookings should be the standard

Multi-tasking is the name of the game these days and clients want it all. Though haircuts are the most common service booked, many clients across genders are likely to book multiple services in a single visit. In fact, 67% of men say they typically book multiple services in a single visit. 49% of women say the same.

You can capitalize on this in many ways like recommending related services during the booking process. After all, not every client is content with a simple cut and blow-dry. Offering more treatments is a fantastic way to establish more value for clients who may define worth differently. Consider treatments for multiple genders and ethnicities, too, as this boosts your potential client pool.

Be sure to download the report to get all even more information on how to keep your clients coming back for more.

Download the full report here.

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