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How to Run a Great Beauty Biz (Without Killing the Planet)

There is more to sustainability in the beauty industry than stocking ethical and earth-friendly products.

Sustainability has become quite trendy in recent years, and we love to see it. We applaud the fact that fast fashion is losing its popularity and conscious clothing including second-hand options are taking over. We also celebrate seeing plant-based proteins become a more mainstream option, which is great for our air and helps to cut the pollution of our Earth. It is clear that people are putting effort towards protecting our planet.  

However, we’re conscious that the beauty industry could do better on the issue of sustainability. Take a moment to consider all of the products that you use and sell in your salon or spa. How many of them are ethically sourced? Beyond products, there are more considerations. For instance, have you implemented conservatory water practices? 

These are some questions to ponder as you start down the path of taking sustainability into your own hands. Because in order to truly be sustainable, we need to make these efforts in all areas of our lives — not just the places where being eco-friendly is convenient. Read on to learn how your business can keep Mother Nature not only surviving, but thriving.

Unplug tools

Being plugged in is part of your everyday life at the salon, but take a step back and look at the tools you have plugged in throughout your salon or spa. We’re willing to bet there are a lot more than you think. Don’t worry, we aren’t advocating that you cut back on your tool usage – we recognize that they are all a necessary part of the experience that keeps your clients coming back for more. 

However, what we are advocating is cutting down on the usage of your tools. One of the easiest ways to do this that isn’t widely practiced (but should be) is unplugging tools and equipment that isn’t currently in use. The power that devices consume when turned off but still plugged in is referred to as “phantom power” or “phantom energy.” According to Energy Star, phantom power accounts for over 100 billion kWh and over $10 billion in energy costs every year

So do your part and designate one person in your business to take the lead with unplugging tools that aren’t in use. Or, you can simply ask your staff to ensure that any tools they use are unplugged immediately after each client. This one small extra step can save you a lot of money, and can also save the planet some damage.

Elevate the experience with eco-friendly touches

Part of the salon or spa experience is enjoying some water or tea before, during, and/or after your treatment. Clients love a fresh cup of tea after a massage — it’s a small touch that goes a long way. You should continue offering little niceties such as this but in a more conscious way. Swap out your disposable cups for glass ones, which have the added bonus of making your business appear classier. 

Speaking of classier...plants are one of the best things you can bring into your business. Not only do they create a more calm, relaxing, and enjoyable environment for your clients, they also produce oxygen and help to balance out carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, they provide decor that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Offer ethically sourced products

Stocking your salon or spa with organic products is a great start. However, consider taking things further to provide your clients with ethically sourced products. 

What is the difference between organic and ethically sourced?

Organic products contain ingredients that are organically farmed. Note that a product only requires a certain percentage of organic matter to be considered “organic,” so, from state to state, the term “organic” can mean different things. However, if the item has a USDA Organic stamp of approval on it, that means you’re getting something that has at least 95% organic ingredients. So you can count on that mark to be a guiding light. 

Organic products are great and all, but ethically sourced is where you really start to make a difference for the planet. The term “ethically sourced” isn’t regulated in the same way that “organic” is, so the meaning is kind of up for interpretation. However, there are some general qualities that you can take a look at to deem a product “ethically sourced.” 

Oftentimes, ethically sourced means that these products came from companies and countries where the workers get fair wages. It can also mean that the companies make efforts towards waste management and recycling, and use thoughtful packaging. They may also participate in charitable giving. It can also mean the products are vegan and cruelty-free, or that they are non-toxic and free of palm oil, which wreaks havoc on our environment

Saving the planet is more than one person or business can achieve alone; we all have to do our part to make it work. These are just a few of the many ways you can start to make a difference today without sacrificing the quality service your clients have come to expect from you.

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