Why Client Retention Is Crucial for Building Resilient Self-Care Businesses

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Why Client Retention Is Crucial for Building Resilient Self-Care Businesses

Weather the hard times and set your business up for growth by focusing your efforts on landing that critical second appointment

Between the talk of an oncoming (or ongoing, depending on who you ask) recession, inflation, and other economic calamities, it’s a wonder that the self-care industry is doing as well as it is. But the industry isn’t just surviving — it’s thriving and proving far more resilient than anyone expected. 

The reason behind this uncommon strength in the face of uncertainty? Relationships. Self-care businesses forge authentic connections with their clients and, in turn, are rewarded for those connections with repeat business. Repeat business means recurring revenue that is far easier to keep and more reliable than finding new clients, especially during hard times. 

To find out just how meaningful those connections are, we dug into our data here at Boulevard, analyzing millions of appointments across thousands of businesses. The result? An eye-popping report full of detailed stats and actionable insights that show just how vital landing that second appointment is to client retention.

How to land that second appointment

Client retention is the critical differentiator between creating a sustainable business and living paycheck to paycheck. Focusing your efforts on retention will pay dividends in the long run, but where should you allocate your resources? What are the best methods for stretching your acquisition dollars so you can optimize the potential for client retention? And when is the right time to upsell? Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you build a more substantial, more resilient business:

Online bookings are more reliable

Walk-ins are always appreciated but are far more challenging to predict than relying on online booking. Most people prefer to book appointments online, and our own data shows that those clients are far more likely to return if your business offers it.

Obsess over retention

Once you’ve got the appointment booked, it’s time to knock them out by delivering a stellar client experience. This all starts with your client intake forms and appointment reminders. By gathering information up front, your staff can ensure that equipment is prepped and client requests are catered to before they even enter the door. Email and text reminders show that you’ve got their visit top of mind.

Land before you expand

Don’t even think about upselling yet. Your goal in the first visit is to turn first-time guests into repeat clients, not try to add on additional services or sell products. Focus on pre-booking that next appointment and leverage your email marketing tools to follow up with additional offers. Once you’ve got them back in, your chances of upselling services, pushing retail products, or locking in membership purchases will be far greater.

Download the report today

Repeat business is the key to long-term success in the self-care industry. But just don’t take our word for it: Turning Appointments into Relationships: The Official 2023 Salon Industry Client Retention Report features additional insights influenced by real-world data gathered from over 11 million appointments created within the Boulevard platform. Inside you’ll find actionable tips and best practices that will help you entice clients back into your business for years to come.

Ready to learn more? Download the report today.

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