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    We’re Here, We’re Queer: 30 Fabulous Influencers to Follow for Pride Month

    Celebrate Pride Month this June by brightening your feed with a follow a day from LGBTQ+ beauty influencers

    The world of fashion and beauty would not be the same without the immeasurable contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. In celebration of Pride Month this June, we’ve compiled a follow-a-day list of some of the best and brightest beauty influencers providing a wealth of knowledge, how-to guides, inspiration, and life lessons. 

    With nearly 16 million Instagram followers and almost as many YouTube subscribers, NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jagger) needs no introduction. She breaks down makeup tips and styles in easy-to-digest steps, never shying away from bold styles or colors.

    Vietnamese-American makeup artist Patrick Ta made a name for himself by making models and celebrities look glamorous, and he uses his prominent social media channels to give advice and show off his work. He also launched his eponymous beauty brand in 2019 to make “women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.”

    The Instagram feed of transfeminine artist, activist, and fashion icon Alok Vaid Menon celebrates individuality and inspires everyone looking to discover their inner beauty. They embrace bold styles, colorful makeup, and body hair, and their book Beyond the Gender Binary challenges gender norms with witty, accessible prose.

    Mei Pang has a look, and she flaunts it on her Instagram account as Meicrosoft to 1.4 million followers. She mashes a rough-and-tumble physique with tattoos and full-face makeup for a style unlike anyone else.

    Gloria Noto is a makeup artist and owner of Noto Botanics, a gender-fluid line of multi-use beauty products made with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. She uses her Instagram account to discuss her journey as a queer entrepreneur and showcase her art and fashion.

    Winner of the third season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and creator of Trixie Cosmetics, Trixie Mattel is a firecracker on Instagram and TikTok, surprising millions of followers with her pre- and post-show drag transformations and glow-ups.

    Patrick Simondac has dished out make-up tips on his YouTube and Instagram channels for years under the name Patrick Starrr. He’s since developed One/size, a self-described “beauty brand for every brand of beauty,” and has even showed off his musical chops in the hit single “Go Off.”

    Tanaïs seems to do it all. Author, Instagrammer, owner of a self-titled perfume line, and creator of the perfume podcast MALA, Tanaïs explores the intersection between culture and the realm of the senses.

    #9 & #10: Raja and Raven

    Models and make-up artists Raja and Raven both tore up the runway on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and they’ve been tearing up Instagram, too. While each of their accounts is worth a follow on their own, the two have frequently collabed on the YouTube series “RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView.” 

    One of the first transgender models in the UK, Monroe Bergdorf has since used her platform to advocate for equality within the beauty industry. Her Instagram account is a collage of fashionable looks and passionate activism. 

    Born and raised in Vietnam, Plastique Tiara made a name for themselves in Season 11 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Millions of Instagram and Tik Tok followers and a world tour later, they’ve become an unstoppable force in the world of beauty.

    An LGBTQ+ activist and beauty legend with over 1 million Instagram followers, Matt Bernstein combines makeup and nail styling advice with political messages, guides for coming out, and connections with his Jewish heritage.

    A makeup artist and queer activist, Char Ellese approaches beauty as a way to explore ideas of self-expression, individuality, and inner strength. She launched her online platform girlswillbeboys, focusing on women and non-binary individuals sharing stories of the liberation from shaving their heads and beyond.

    By day, they’re twins Cooper and Luca Coyle. By night, they transform into drag queens Sugar and Spice, and have become one of the biggest drag acts on TikTok. This account has it all: sibling rivalry, behind-the-scenes prep, LGBTQ+ education, and fabulous looks.

    River Glass has exploded on the TikTok scene with their unique mashup of drag king styles and character cosplay. Recent costume challenges include Mr. Clean, Kermit the Frog, and *checks notes* the Duolingo Owl? Hey, they make him look good.

    #17: KimChi

    Sang Young-Shin rocketed to the top three on the eighth season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race as KimChi, eventually starting her makeup brand KimChi Chic Beauty. She can also be found on Instagram, where she shows off her latest looks, and on TikTok, where she goes on food tours across L.A.

    Trans TikToker Jayde McFarlane mixes wig styling tips and relationship humor for a one-of-a-kind follow. Her Instagram is less active, but it's packed with top-notch glamor shots emphasizing quality over quantity.

    The Goddess Boys (under the TikTok handle @rjchumbley) are known for their elaborate costuming, fabulous makeup, and playful attitude. It’s like hanging out with the coolest people at the swankiest nightclub in town.

    #20: Myla

    Myla treats her body like a canvas, sporting colorful wigs, popping eye makeup, and extravagant duds. Give her Instagram a follow and get a rainbow blast directly on your feed. 

    Looking for the perfect hair color or wanting to make your eyelashes look just right? Deon can help. His feed is full of tips, product recs, and genuinely glamorous styles.

    Kaitlyn Hubert is the owner of the Pelo Beauty Collective salon and spa in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as the creator of the Tomboy line of haircare products. She takes to Instagram to show off her tattoos, hairstyles, and the latest hair care and beauty product recommendations.

    Peppermint (or Miss Peppermint as she was known on the ninth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” or Peppermint247 on Instagram) spends her time posting fresh looks, her latest photo and video shoots, and discussing the importance of trans rights.

    Pink Neinu uses his TikTok account to transform into his drag persona, incorporating comedy into his makeup routines. He also posts his latest product recs, tips on looking good, and never avoids discussing critical political issues.

    Chella Man takes to Instagram and YouTube to inspire thousands. In addition to posting fashion shots on his feed, he uses his YouTube channel to translate songs into American Sign Language and discuss his journey through transitioning.

    Transgender actor and model Hari Nef got her start in the hit Amazon Studios show “Transparent”, eventually landing gigs for Gucci, L’Oreal Paris, and over a dozen movies and TV shows. She uses her feed to post a blend of glamour shots and clips, as well as stills from her favorite films.

    One of the most successful and recognizable transgender models in the world, Andreja Pejić uses her feed to talk about important issues, muse philosophically, and show off her love for vintage clothing.

    #28: Khai

    Khai’s love for fantasy pops in every one of her looks, embracing the transformation from her choice of bright colors and intricate face makeup.

    Nai Jelee’s TikTok feed is full of product reviews for make-up, wigs, hair care products, and so much more. If you’re looking for recommendations, she won’t steer you wrong.

    The Italian makeup influencer and trendsetter Vicky Franco uses Instagram and TikTok to dish out her latest styling tips and product recs. Her feed may not be in English, but her looks transcend language.

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