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Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day With Ahhh-Inspiring Product Promos

Happy National Bubble Bath Day! xo Boulevard

At some point in the 20th century, people pushed the notion that bubble baths are just for kids. Those people lead joyless lives, because bubble baths are one of the most wonderful ways to relax your mind, your muscles, and your soul. You even get clean in the process. What’s not to love? 

So, yes, bubble baths are the absolute business, but did you know they also have their own holiday? National Bubble Day is January 8th, a clear sign that to kick off the year right, we should all take a moment to pause, reflect, and soak. No matter what kind of beauty business you run, you can help your clients honor the day in style with these product promos.

For those looking to dip their toes (and everything else)

Shockingly, some of your clients have yet to indulge in the wonder that is a glorious bubble bath. Make it easy for them to give it a whirl with a basket including everything they need to make their first time wonderful. Bath bombs are an obvious start, but throw in a nice exfoliating towel, bath salts, or an essential oil diffuser for the complete experience. Have different sizes of bundles on offer to make it even easier for them to say yes.

Don’t just have one-size-fits-all bundles, though — your clients deserve the same kind of personalized attention from your promos that they receive from your staff. Have a variety of bath bomb scents available as well as vegan and hypo-allergenic options. Ask your clients what they want from their bath — do they want to come out feeling relaxed to the point of being boneless, or ultra soft? Assemble their basket based on their preferences. That’s the kind of star treatment that inspires long-time loyalty.

For bubble bath pros

Bath bombs and rubber ducks? That’s cute. Bubble bath pros will want something truly special, so give it to them with a bundle that lets them know you’re on their level. 

Bypass the bath bombs and Epsom salts and go directly to a higher plane with something like Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, part of Sephora’s “Clean + Planet Positive” line. It’s free of skin-harming ingredients like sulfates and phthalates as well as plant-harming additives like plastic microbeads, giving your clients two ways to feel good in the bath. Set the mood with a Slow Burn candle, which releases notes of “incense, black pepper, and guaiac wood” as it burns. Add in a body scrub — charcoal or sugar — to leave skin feeling smooth and alive. Cap it all off with a bottle of wine or, for a different kind of vibe, some infused sugar cubes to upscale tea time. 

Most importantly, use National Bubble Bath Day to remind your clients to take a moment to reconnect with their calm. The chaos of the holidays probably left little time to simply be, so encourage them to slide into those suds and take a much-needed breath.

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