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Mother Knows Best: Beauty Wisdom From Boulevard Moms

Celebrate Mother’s Day with timeless tips on self-care, the eternal pursuit of the perfect lip shade, and more.

Mother’s Day is a time to show our moms how much we appreciate their care and wisdom — and our team members here at Boulevard have endless stores of knowledge to share from their moms, grandmas, and any maternal figures who may not be related but have been no less important to our development.

That said, to keep this post from ballooning into a 50,000-word manifesto on everything from relationship advice to how to prevent a family from going nuclear on day three and a half of a disastrous trip to the Grand Canyon, we’re focusing on beauty and self-care. Turns out our moms still have a lot to teach us, but is that really a surprise to anybody?

Beauty and self-care tips from the Moms of Team Boulevard

Joan is eternally hunting for the perfect lip

“My mom taught me how to find the perfect shade of pink lip gloss and the importance of wearing blush so I don't look washed out. It's actually a search that has evolved over the years through many hours spent at makeup counters together, even as an adult. (Our current favorite is Laura Mercier in Baby Doll or Violet). It's made for many memorable mother/daughter bonding moments over the years.”

Jasmine is still #hairgoals

“Throughout my childhood, my mom always rocked the half up half down hairstyle. Growing up, I did many different versions of this look and still do it now. I think of her every time I do it!”

Winnie always practices safe sun

“You must put sunscreen on every day no matter what! It helps prevent wrinkles and sunspots, and keeps your skin looking young and healthy!”

Sandra knows what it’s all about

“Do things that make you feel beautiful for yourself, not for other people.”

Belle keeps it short, sweet, and fiercely true

“You deserve it.”

Please excuse us as we internalize every last word (really, we’re listening this time mom, we swear). Leave it to Team Mom to dish out deeply resonant words about valuing yourself emotionally right alongside remembering to put on your dang sunscreen before you head out. Honestly, moms have always known those different approaches are two sides of the same coin, even if the rest of us are only catching on to that fact now.

No matter how many years it’s been since we left the nest (or if we flew back into the nest because life has sure been a whole lot these last few years), at least we can always take comfort in the fact that mother still knows best.

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