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Who Says Makeup's Not for Men? 5 Products That Help Guys Get Glam

Here’s what to get first for looks that serve everyday excellence or Friday night fabulous.

Though it later became a staple of femme beauty, makeup was originally used just as much by masculine members of society. From Egyptian kings to French royalty, makeup was a must-have for men, until societal changes made it a mark of the elite and frivolous.

Times have thankfully changed and makeup has found its way back into the vocabulary of masculine beauty. New makeup brands focused on male and non-binary customers are exploding onto the scene; even investors have begun to take note. If you're curious about the trend (or ready to test-drive a few products) here's a roundup of our favorites.

Great tools make all the difference

You’ve probably heard the phrase “get the right tool for the job” when it comes to things like assembling furniture. But makeup works exactly the same way. Different brushes or accessories improve application or do things like curl lashes, tame unruly brows, and more.

Investing in a set of brushes or a beauty sponge you like (and that works with your favorite products) is a fantastic way to ensure consistent applications. As a bonus: you’ll likely go longer between restocks, too, as things like the Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush won’t absorb excess products like your fingertips might.

Find your ideal concealer

Let’s face it: We all have late nights, early mornings, and nights of no sleep. Concealer is your best friend when it comes to hiding dark circles, a blemish or hyperpigmentation. 

Concealers come in many shades and serve different purposes. Basic concealer should match or be just a little lighter than your regular skin tone. Green concealer cancels out redness while yellow can counteract the purple tint of dark circles. Try out a few different brands and shades to see what works best for you. Men’s makeup brand War Paint has a full line of concealers, as well as beard and brow pens designed with male features in mind.

Embrace a little sparkle

Carrie Fisher liked to wear glitter and sparkles on days when she wasn’t feeling quite herself. Whether it’s a “no bones” day or your glamorous birthday shindig, inviting some sparkle into your life can really only be good.

Opt for a dazzling inner corner highlight for your eyes using something like Colourpop’s shadow stix. Adding a highlight along the outer part of your eyebrow on the brow bone is great, too. Both will accentuate your eyes to really make them pop – no matter their color. 

Feel free to experiment! Just be mindful as you apply the product as glitter can irritate your eyes and some people are allergic to mica (the stuff that makes shiny pigment so eye-catching).

Use eyeshadow to make bold statements

As any makeup lover will tell you, the perfect eyeshadow palette can change your life. A few years ago, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette was all the rage. But now, color is back with a vengeance and makeup influencers are flirting with more than just neutrals, pinks, and oranges. What more, you get so much bang for your buck with palettes. From expensive splurges like a Pat McGrath palette to a more affordable Milani option, the opportunities are endless.

Create unique looks with pops of colors or go full glam with a cut-crease and over-the-top wing. Makeup influencer Patrick Starr is a great follow if you’re short on ideas. Patrick Starr’s new makeup brand ONE/SIZE also offers a wide array of colorful eyeshadow palettes. If you’re intimidated by eyeshadow, start small and look to influencers like Ankush Bahuguna for advice. His looks are often minimal and easy to replicate yet highly effective and a great introduction to makeup.

Get the perfect matte lip color

It’s true that matte lipstick can be drying, but that’s why finding a formula that works for you is so important. Though eyeshadow, false eyelashes, and solid contouring are the meat and potatoes of a glam look, lip color is the sauce that brings it all together. It can send a look from everyday to hey hey heyyyyyyy.

Some people might reach for a neutral matte like a dusty rose while others want an out-of-this-world metallic, like popular shades from Black Moon Cosmetics. It’s hard to go wrong with classic red, though. We recommend trying out Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint for a universally flattering red that gives you full coverage all day long. For strong shades off the beaten path, look no further than the Treatmintt Lip Duo from Mintty Makeup by trans influencer Junior Mintt. If you want to start smaller you can always go with a tinted lip balm. 

Makeup is about making you feel great, something everyone deserves. Maybe you’re just evening out your tones, or maybe you’re looking to make a head-turning statement. Whatever your mood, these products will see you on your way.

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