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5 Tips for Multi-Location Medspa Businesses


By Boulevard

How to build a single successful medspa into an empire

Your medspa business is booming. Clients are pleased. Profits are up. Things are going great, and they’re only getting better every day. It may be time to think about expanding to a new location. After all, you did it once, you can surely do it again.

Keep in mind, though, that multi-location management is a skill of its own. What worked for one location might not work for another. Different locations come with different clients who have different needs and expectations. You may not have to reinvent the wheel, but making sure all of your wheels are rolling in the right direction is key.

That’s why we made a guide to operating a medspa business with multiple locations. Whether you’re considering your first expansion or adding to an existing multi-location business, our guide will help you create sustainable business practices and drive growth. From ensuring a consistent client experience to analyzing your performance data, it's filled with the tips you need to ensure your business is a success. 

Tips for managing a multi-location medspa business

Written in consultation with our Education Manager and medspa business expert, Skya Jones, our guide will help you level up your managerial skills, elevate the client experience across all of your locations, and dive into the data and compliance issues you need to consider when growing your business. Some of the tips you will learn include: 

Your client experience is everything

And we do mean everything. Just because you service clients every day, don’t forget that for them, the occasion is something special. We can’t say enough about how important it is to offer clients the warm embrace that is a comfortable, professional, and consistent experience when it comes to providing intimate health and beauty treatments.

Consistency is key. From the initial booking through to follow-up treatments, your client’s experience should always be top of mind. Also, your brand experience needs to be consistent across your different locations. Whichever location your client enters, they should experience the same level of comfort and support they’ve come to expect and value. 

Lean into the power of personalization

Catering to the client's need to feel special is one of the most important services you provide. They’re not at your business just for a treatment. They’re at your business because you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure their experience is unique and special. Carry this level of service over to each new location to ensure that no matter where they are, your clients feel welcomed. 

You can empower your clients to take charge of their appointments with a client portal. A client portal gives your clients access to their schedule of previous and upcoming appointments and the ability to reschedule appointments at any of your locations. This takes the pressure off your staff and ensures that your procedures are consistent across all of your locations.

Don't skimp on compliance

Compliance can be a scary word. Don’t be intimidated! There are tools available to help you ensure your business is HIPAA compliant without sacrificing your unique brand, style, and customer experience.

Adopting an intuitive platform that will automate processes can keep you from making simple but costly mistakes. 

Make a move on your margins

As a medspa business owner, you’re not only responsible for managing the day-to-day but also for overseeing the bottom line. You’re the person responsible for making sure the money goes where it should and for allocating profits to address future growth. So you need to take a proactive approach to implementing tools and processes that can cut costs and lead to higher revenue.

You can start by elevating efficiency. Simple techniques like stacking appointments, scheduling resources and equipment, and setting custom prices and durations to optimize staff productivity can make a deep impact on your bottom line. 

Cutting costs can also lead to maximized profits. If you use multiple systems for scheduling, marketing, payments, and charting, consider moving to an all-in-one solution. This will save you money and increase efficiency at the same time. Boulevard Offset, which allows you to share the cost and convenience of credit card processing with clients, is another great tool that can help you reduce costs.   

Data is your friend

Instead of relying on your “gut,” rely on hard numbers to help you feel confident about the choices you make. Keep a close eye on your KPIs (key performance indicators) to track how your locations are performing. Just keep in mind to review data in its proper context, as each of your locations will have different needs and clientele. 

These tips are just the beginning. For more advice on how to manage your multi-location medspa business, download our free guide.

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