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Massage Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Wellness Business Like a Pro

Learn how to create the best massage therapy marketing plan

Massage therapists work hard on making their customers feel good, but they also need to tend to the wellbeing of their business. Massage marketing can bring in new clients and new income, and thus a crucial component of keeping your business healthy. It's an important task to undertake, but business owners with little promotional experience may not know where to start. Here are the most important factors to consider in marketing for massage therapists.

Give your massage therapy marketing a point of view

Most massage therapy businesses offer similar services, and may even try to create similar experiences for customers. Short-term incentives like a discount or special event could bring in clients, but you'll also want those customers to have reasons to return. Why should somebody patronize your place rather than one of the many others? That's the question every element of your massage marketing should answer. 

The way to continually make your company stand out is to have a point of view. This is your X factor, your je ne sais quoi, your voice. Are you emphasizing relaxation for any budget? Do your services focus on physical therapy and rehabilitation? Are appointments available late into the evening? Do you offer cutting-edge technology? The massage therapy marketing ideas that makes your operation unique may be as small as a signature color in your building or as surprising as a punk-rock aesthetic. Whatever your point of view is, it should be a genuine part of your operation.

Once you've identified this intangible quality of your business, infuse it into every part of your marketing messages. A sustainable, consistent approach to marketing should be a core part of your business plan.

Curate your online presence

Some elements of being online are essential for any wellness company. Others may not be as vital to your massage marketing efforts. Reflect on your point of view and determine where you can get the most impact out of your marketing.


An up-to-date website is a must for any business, no matter the industry you're in. It's the place where you have the most control over how a visitor will perceive you. Express your point of view in every place you can on your site, from the imagery to the font choice.

Your website is the best place to put information that potential clients will need. Start with basics such as your hours, services, and prices. Incorporate a system for people to book their own appointments so that they can immediately take action if they want to connect. Your website can also provide extra information that customers might find useful, such as your staff members' training and certifications.

Social media

You probably already abstractly know your business should "be on social media," but what does that mean in practice for massage therapist marketing? Social media is one of the best ways to connect with new and existing customers, so you'll need to commit the time and resources to making regular, engaging posts. That might mean focusing your efforts on a handful of platforms. 

Pick the social channels that you're most confident in using and that will allow your point of view to shine through. For instance, TikTok is hugely popular with a massive potential audience, but splashy short-form videos may not be the best match for capturing your company's attitude. 

Another consideration is the availability of advertisements on the social platforms you select. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have paid ad programs that can yield success if you know the audiences you want to reach. 

Review sites

Be sure to claim listings on all-purpose platforms such as Yelp and Google Business Profiles, as well as on massage-focused sites like Massage Finder. Many, many people will first see your brand in these places, so ensure that the information customers find about you there is accurate. 

Monitor the results of your efforts

The best massage therapy marketing plan is the one that works for your business. As you experiment with new ideas, keep tabs on the costs and the benefits. Most websites have tools to track visitor numbers and social media platforms offer extensive analytics. When a new client makes their first appointment, ask how they heard about you. Every scrap of information can help stretch your marketing budget further. 

Analytics aren't only important at launch. What may be a successful marketing approach right now may not have the same impact in the long term. Spending a small amount of time reflecting on the results will keep your marketing strong today and tomorrow.

Get creative with massage marketing ideas

Whether the idea is tried and true or completely new, be willing to experiment. You might be surprised by what winds up connecting with people. Here are a few “massage marketing made simple” concepts to kick off your brainstorming.

Host an open house

If you have the space to host an event, consider opening up your location to the public. You could offer five-minute massages, lead classes about self-care, or just encourage your neighbors to come hang out. Whatever angle you take, an open house puts your brand and your physical space in front of the world's eyes.

Run a referral program

Your existing clients are one of the best ways to get the word out about your business. If they're happy with your services, they'll tell all their friends about you. Make it even more worth their while to bring in more business by running a comprehensive referral program.

Get involved in your community

Sometimes, the best way to get your name out isn't to think about marketing as a purely business activity. Think about how you can be a participant in your neighborhood. If there's a 5K run happening, you could be a sponsor. If the local high school has a career fair, be sure to attend. The sky's the limit on what can make your massage therapy practice stand out. Get inventive, and stay true to what makes your wellness business special.

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