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Lash Tech Equipment: The Essential Checklist Your Business Needs

Put these key items in your lash business starter kit

Much like balayage and brow threading, lashes transitioned from a trend to an essential part of many people’s beauty routines, which means a steady source of income for savvy and skillful lash technicians. Getting set up with the right lash tech equipment can mean the difference between hitting the ground running in your salon or flailing, and eventually failing to find clients. This checklist is meant to help you map out which items to add to your lash business starter kit

Must-have lash tech equipment

These tools are foundational to your lash business and should be right at the top of your shopping list. 

Lash trays

When purchasing lash trays for extensions, you’ll need to consider quality and different styles, as well as your target clientele’s preferences. While some may want full-strip lashes for the most glamorous effect, others may be looking for a few fillers to enhance their natural lash line. You’ll need to stock a variety of products in order to meet your clients where they are. In the same vein, you’ll need to have a selection of eyelash shapes for clients to choose from. Some popular eyelash shapes include:

  • B Curl

  • C Curl

  • CC Curl

  • D Curl

  • J Curl

  • L+ Curl

You may be wondering, “How many lash trays should I buy?” The answer depends on your budget and the anticipated amount of clients, and the variety of styles you want to offer. If you’re opening a small practice, purchasing 4-5 mixed trays is a good start. As far as how many lash trays per client you’ll need, it will depend on how often they come in for repeat treatments; there can be anywhere between 12 to 16 lines of lashes per box, and a typical application uses one line. Be mindful of not over-ordering in the early days of your business, since lash extension trends can change, though it’s a good idea to stock up on the classics, like the B curl.


Choose adhesives that are latex-free to prevent allergic reactions in clients, and be sure to pick an adhesive that matches your lashing speed. If you’re still learning the ropes, you may want to choose a lash adhesive with a slower drying time or practice on a mannequin with a fast-drying adhesive until you feel confident enough to apply it on clients. 

Application tools

Key lash tech equipment for applications include: 

  • Lash primer, which gently cleanses natural oils from your client’s lash line prior to application

  • Tweezers (make sure to pick up a few different shapes to match the different styles of eyelash application) 

  • Eyelash extension tape and eye pads 

  • Micro brushes, disposable applicators, and mascara wands

  • Bladeless fans, which can dry out the adhesive faster and minimize time in the chair for your client while maximizing the number of clients you can serve

Lash lifting products

For clients who want to enhance their natural lashes instead of applying a faux set, you’ll need to have a set of lash lift rods as well as lash curling products. Be sure to buy a selection of small, medium, and large lash rods so you can serve clients with different lash and eye shapes. 

Spa chairs

Aside from fantastic application and impeccable technique, customer comfort is probably the next most important consideration when you’re starting a new lash business. High-quality spa chairs can be an investment, but the good news is that, unlike most lash tech equipment on this list which needs to be purchased new, spa chairs can be purchased used or refurbished. Check your local online communities, including Facebook and local business groups for discounted chairs. 

Ergonomic workstations

Similarly, you’ll want you and your staff to be as comfortable as possible, which means creating ergonomic workstations. If possible, test out chairs, service carts, and tray tables before making a purchase and invest in adjustable equipment to accommodate different heights on your team. 


Bright lighting may not feel like the most appealing choice in a salon-like environment, but it’s a must for accurate application. Opt for a softer LED lamp to minimize glare for clients. Ring lights as well as specialized lash lights combine appealing aesthetics with powerful voltage to help you do your best work while keeping a mellow ambiance.  

Cleaning supplies 

You’ll need medical-grade cleaning supplies to sanitize tweezers and other non-disposable equipment in between clients. Barbicide is the most common cleaner used to sanitize equipment in salons and lash parlors. 

Key behind-the-scenes services

Salon software

Booking appointments, scheduling staff, managing services, marketing, and communicating with clients are time-consuming tasks when you have a business to run. Salon software can take many of the administrative burdens off your plate and either automate, eliminate, or make the daily tasks of operating a lash parlor easier. For example, Boulevard customers enjoy features like self-booking appointments for clients (no more time on hold!) and automated reminders for appointments, to re-capture repeat clients and keep them returning to your salon. 


As a small business owner, you’ll need business insurance and a professional liability protection policy. If you’re operating out of a leased brick-and-mortar location, you may also need to consider fire, renters, and other types of insurance policies. It’s a good idea to talk to an attorney before purchasing new insurance and be sure to familiarize yourself with regulations for lash extension businesses in your state.

A list of trusted partners

Once you’ve done some research, create a list of vendors (cleaning crew and supply companies, insurance provider) and other beauty businesses you could partner with to help you build up your network. Working with vendors and peers you like and trust can go a long way toward helping you create a thriving lash business.

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