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Introducing The Boulevard Marketing Suite: Your New Email BFF

We’ve demystified email marketing so you can drive revenue for your self-care brand without getting stuck behind a computer screen.

Did you know that in 2020, the world of email marketing represented $7.5 billion in value? By 2027, that value is expected to grow to $17.9 billion. For spas, salons, and other beauty businesses, that means it’s high time to start making the most of email. That’s why Boulevard is excited to introduce our all-new Marketing Suite — it’s like a guardian angel that’ll be by your side every step of the way, from forming your strategy to the moment you hit “send”, and beyond.

Use always-on automated campaigns to knock your goals out of the park…

Even though email marketing promises major rewards, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pour huge effort into it to win big. With the Boulevard Marketing Suite, you can use always-on campaigns to swing for the fences with the help of marketing automation. These email flows are always running in the background, but they’ll only end up in the inboxes where they really belong. Here’s how it works.

First thing’s first: Identify your goal. Our always-on campaigns are pre-built to meet specific marketing goals and will be sent out to different clients at different times based on a combination of the results you’re looking for and the specifics of each client’s journey. You can select from automated campaign goals like:

  • Rescuing lost clients: Make clients that haven’t visited in a while feel valued and missed with positive reminders that you’re looking forward to seeing them.

  • Reminding clients to book: Support clients in booking follow-up appointments or scheduling their next visit if they don’t already have something on the calendar.

  • Filling slow days: Encourage clients to book appointments on slow days to keep your calendar and staff fully scheduled.

  • Last-minute openings: Cancellations are a fact of doing business; offer those sudden slots to clients who might be looking for either a specific date or a spontaneous treat.

  • Birthday messages: Acknowledge clients’ birthdays to offer a personal touch and give them an excuse to celebrate their special day with you.

Once you’ve identified your goal and set your campaign settings, your always-on campaign will run automatically. Intelligent algorithms make sure the right clients see your emails at the right time (you know, like, actually on their birthday) so that their experience of your brand is impeccable, even though it’s being automated.

Then it’s time for a little branding flair. The Marketing Suite’s template editor makes it easy to customize any of the always-on emails you plan to send, so that you get all the benefits of automation while also making sure your emails look and sound like a human wrote them. Of course, you can always track your results to determine what’s working and what’s not, and learn from your progress as you go.

…Or use one-time blasts to design your own custom communications.

Sometimes you’ve just got one special thing to say — the Boulevard Marketing Suite has a feature for that too. One-time blasts are a completely customizable way to connect with clients and build better relationships with your community. Here are a few ideas for emails you might send using a one-time blast:

  • Newsletters: Sending out a regularly scheduled email keeps clients engaged with all the news that’s fit to print about your self-care brand from week to week or month to month.

  • Announcements: Celebrate new hires, grand openings, fresh products, service changes, or anything you might like to drum up some buzz about.

  • Promotions: Who doesn’t love a good discount? Alert your clients about special opportunities to take full advantage of your offering at a lower price.

These are completely customizable design-wise, just like always-on campaigns. But instead of letting our algorithms automatically find the clients who need to see your email, one-time blasts let you choose your own target audience from your existing client list. So pick your topic and design your email, decide which clients should receive it, and schedule a time for it to go out, all within the Marketing Suite.

We know you didn’t get into this business to sit behind a computer screen sending emails all day. We created the Boulevard Marketing Suite to make email marketing as easy as possible for appointment-based self-care businesses just like yours. You want to increase client retention, engage new clients, and drive revenue for your brand — using the Marketing Suite to demystify email marketing will help you do just that.

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.


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