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Introducing Boulevard Capital: Fair Funding That Lifts the Self-Care Industry


By Boulevard

Equitable access to growth capital with no credit checks, interest, or personal guarantees

Since 2016, self-care business owners around the world have enjoyed the benefits of the Boulevard software platform. From intuitive self-booking and client management to automated marketing campaigns and payment processing, Boulevard offers salon, spa, and medspa owners a comprehensive software solution that simplifies almost every aspect of running the business — all while saving owners time and money.

But sometimes the right software isn’t enough. The self-care business is challenging; owners are typically operating on razor-thin margins that fluctuate with changing economic conditions. This often makes it hard for businesses like yours to grow; when you’re focused on paying staff, restocking supplies, and keeping the lights on, it’s hard to reinvest and continually elevate the client experience. Many financial institutions offer business loans for these situations, but application and approval processes are typically lengthy, overly complicated, and fraught with inequity.

That’s why we created Boulevard Capital. This new financial offering was designed specifically for Boulevard customers who could benefit from additional growth capital. In partnership with Pipe, Boulevard Capital provides individually tailored, pre-qualified offers to existing Boulevard customers. These offers streamline the application and approval process, making funds available for eligible businesses in as few as 24 hours, depending on their bank’s hold policies.

Meet Boulevard Capital, an equitable financial offering for self-care businesses

What would you do with some extra funds? Perhaps you’d hire more stylists and add seats to help your business serve more clients. Or maybe it’s time to order new equipment; after all, microdermabrasion machines and laser hair removal systems don’t come cheap. One of our early adopters is even using their funding to open up a new location! No matter what the extra capital would do for your business, Boulevard Capital can make it a reality.

Benefits of Boulevard Capital

  • No complicated applications: Eligible Boulevard customers get automatic pre-qualified offers based on their sales history — with absolutely no credit checks. Most applications take just a few minutes.

  • Payments based on daily sales: There’s no need to worry about cash flow due to payments. Boulevard Capital payments are based on a fixed percentage of your daily sales and are withdrawn after your daily deposit hits.

  • One fixed fee: Forget about compounding interest and unexpected or hidden fees. You pay just one single capital fee, based on your total funding amount, that’s added to your payment balance. Boulevard Capital also requires no personal guarantees or collateral.

  • Lift your business: Use your capital for whatever your business requires, whether that’s additional marketing spend, increased headcount, new products, or anything that helps you thrive.

Fairness for all

It’s an unfortunate fact that women, people of color, and other marginalized groups are more likely to be turned down for loans. In fact, Black and Latino-owned businesses are less than half as likely as white-owned firms to be approved for financing according to the Federal Reserve. And those who do get approved often face higher interest rates. Women who own businesses are less likely than their male counterparts to receive the full amount they’re seeking.

We find this bias unacceptable, particularly in an industry as diverse and inclusive as self-care. That’s why Boulevard Capital aims to make additional funding more accessible to business owners from every walk of life. With underwriting focused on business performance rather than credit history, we’re committed to elevating diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industry, and to our belief that we all thrive when we work together.

How Boulevard Capital works

When we say “No complicated applications,” we mean it. All Boulevard customers are automatically reviewed for eligibility through an anonymized and unbiased process. We’ll never check your credit or analyze your personal history; loan eligibility is based entirely on your business performance when you process payments through Boulevard. While this program is currently by invitation-only, Boulevard customers can increase their chances of eligibility by processing transactions through Boulevard Payments.

If your business is eligible, Boulevard will send an individually tailored, pre-qualified offer straight to your email inbox. Once you apply and are approved, you can accept as much or as little as you need within your total offer amount. Plus, if you find that you need more than you initially accepted, you can come back later to increase your funding up to the offer total. Once you choose an amount, enter your ownership and business information, and link your business bank accounts, you can expect your deposit to hit your account in as few as 24 hours, depending on your bank’s hold policies.

No matter what, you’ll never have to worry about compounding interest or late fees. Besides a one-time capital fee that’s added to your total balance, your payment is based on a fixed percentage of sales — and it’s automatically withdrawn only after your daily deposit hits. And there are never any personal guarantees or collateral as part of Boulevard Capital.

Boulevard Capital takes self-care businesses further

At Boulevard, we understand the ins and outs of running a self-care business better than any bank — because we come from this industry. We want our talented customers to thrive and dream big, and we’re here to make it happen. Ready to find out what Boulevard Capital can do for you? Get in touch.

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