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Inclusive Beauty Is Here to Stay, So Embrace Practices That Support It

How to take part in today’s evolving conversation about beauty standards and self-care.

There’s no doubt that the beauty industry has embraced a more inclusive idea of what beauty means in recent years. The trend itself has been called the Fenty Effect, since superstar Rihanna’s makeup brand launched in 2017 with a line of 40 foundations ranging from the lightest to the deepest of shades. Consumers responded with enthusiasm, engagement, and long-term loyalty, and the industry has been racing to ramp up to true inclusivity ever since. 

One of the reasons Fenty Beauty’s interpretation of inclusive beauty was so successful was that the company provided a real-life solution to actual customer concerns. Beauty brands that successfully identify and cater to underserved demographics will see results while making a marked difference in customers’ lives. According to research conducted by CB Insights, inclusive beauty is a high-momentum trend, so there’s no time to waste.

Today's consumers are no longer willing to force themselves into an unattainable beauty ideal, so it’s high time for brands to reflect this paradigm shift and support the new definition of beauty. Here are just a few ways you can refresh your menu of salon or spa services to take a stand for inclusive beauty:

Introduce gender-neutral options

The beauty industry — from beauty brands, salons, and spas to glossy magazines and the mainstream media — has traditionally focused on marketing to women. But as men express more interest in beauty, grooming, and self-care than ever before, beauty brands can’t afford to exclude them from their service menus. Beyond the gender binary, consider designing gender-neutral service options as well, so that people can feel recognized and well taken care of no matter how they identify.

Make space for all kinds of folks

Creating a business that is safe, welcoming, and accessible for all kinds of people requires some company introspection. Take the time to make sure the services you offer, your physical space, and all your digital touchpoints are inviting and easy to use for customers. Don’t neglect the experiences of people of color and people with disabilities, for example. Seek out opportunities to honor and celebrate the many different ways beauty can manifest for customers of every age, race, and background.

Enable personalization at scale

Expansion and inclusivity go hand-in-hand with personalization. That’s because welcoming all kinds of people into your community makes it that much more important to offer every customer a unique personal experience. Each individual that walks in the door of your salon or spa wants to feel that you understand them and have anticipated their needs. Beauty businesses should look to the tech world to leverage tools that make it possible to provide scalable customized services and client-level personalization.

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