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There Is No I in Team, But There Is in QUIT: How to Keep Your Crew Happy

Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you. Making your team feel safe, supported, and appreciated is key to retaining them.

What is a salon without stylists? A spa without technicians? Beauty pros know that our industry is powered by people, and putting together a dream team is a worthwhile investment. Maybe you hired some of the most talented people in the business, or maybe your crew has finally started to gel together in teamwork bliss. Here’s what owners and managers need to know to hold on to that glorious cohesion, retain talented staff, and keep beauty business teams together for the long haul.

Safety first: Protect your people

A beauty business can be a dangerous place to work when you think about it. There are hazardous chemicals all around, not to mention sharp, hot, and even dangerous tools. No one wants to work in a salon or spa that doesn’t protect them from injury or exposure to potentially harmful substances. To keep your staff safe, follow regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Train employees to keep their workstations clean, safely handle chemicals and equipment, and complete sanitizing procedures for tools, towels, furniture, and other items in and around your salon or spa.

Inform employees that they need to wear aprons, gloves, and anti-skid footwear if that’s appropriate for your beauty business or the specific task they’re completing. Make sure that all spills are immediately cleaned up so that no one is at risk of slipping and falling. If there are any potential hazards that are not immediately obvious, inform your employees of them on day one. You want to arm your team with all the information they need to avoid emergencies if at all possible, and to handle any that do arise calmly and safely.

Say what? Communicate clearly

Good communication will always be key to promoting good relationships across your team. A lack of communication can seed employee dissatisfaction at any beauty business. Give employees space to voice concerns or share their ideas. Provide feedback frequently, and make time for regular, one-on-one meetings to check how your team is doing. If some of your employees are wary of speaking up, you can create an anonymous survey or suggestions box.

You may want to create a coaching or mentoring program for new hires, pairing stylists, technicians, assistants, or receptionists with a more experienced employee who can show them the ropes. If someone has never worked in a salon or spa before, they may need guidance on how to set up appointments, sell products, handle referrals, or process client payments. Make sure all the employees you bring onboard receive the training that they need to succeed at work.

Perk people up with a benefits package

Salaries and commissions are always important, but sometimes benefits are what really keep beauty pros loyal. Your benefits package doesn’t have to be limited to things like vacation or health insurance — it can also mean being an understanding boss. Do you expect your employees to operate under a rigid schedule? That sort of work environment is quickly becoming a thing of the past; a lack of flexibility has sent more than one talented beauty professional looking for greener pastures.

Education is an especially important benefit in the ever-changing beauty world. As an employer, it’s important that your team is up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. If that requires classes outside of your business, consider footing the bill as an investment in your team. Covering education costs makes staying in the loop much more accessible and can be a game-changing benefit, both for your employees and for your bottom line.

Give out gold stars for good work

Who doesn’t want to be recognized for a job well done? If your employees meet or surpass sales goals, celebrate them for it! If they’ve made other achievements, like bringing in new clientele or staying on schedule, praise them for that as well. Acknowledging work anniversaries, good techniques, and other work accomplishments goes a long way. Whether you give your stellar staff a small gift, an extra day off, or an award, dole out well-deserved praise and watch employees’ dedication to the workplace grow.

Employee retention is a concern for businesses in every industry. In the beauty business, it falls on owners and managers to make sure employees have a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment that makes them want to stick around. Follow these tips and you’ll build a strong and loyal crew.

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