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How to Get New Clients in a Salon: 6 Ideas to Drive Growth

These six strategies will help salons attract valuable new clients that help drive long-term business growth.

Whether you’ve just opened a new business or are recovering after pandemic closures, there’s one challenge that most beauty business owners face at some point in their careers: how to get new clients in a salon. Once you have your physical space, all the right equipment, and a dream team of stylists, the next step is to build a steady stream of regulars that help keep your lights on and your doors open. Even then, for a beauty business to thrive you need new customers to join their ranks. Here are six ways salons can attract new clients and drive business growth.

How to get new clients in a salon

Expand your idea of “new” 

Attracting new clients to your salon doesn’t necessarily mean finding customers that have never visited your business before. If you take the time to consider what you mean by “new” clients, your salon will have more growth-driven avenues than ever before. For example, if your salon offers hair and nail services, how can you encourage those monthly blow-out customers to become nail art connoisseurs? Or how can you meet the needs of your most valuable regulars by complementing the services they love with your retail selection? In that sense, finding new clients can be as simple as doing a better job to serve those that are already loyal to your salon.

Tell a friend, get great stuff! (Who doesn’t like great stuff?)

Finding a new salon can be stressful, so recommendations from friends and loved ones go a long way toward making the leap into a stylist’s chair. Creating a referral program incentivizes your existing clientele to spread the word about your salon in their communities. It also helps erase any friction that might arise from wanting to keep a stylist’s skill to oneself — redeemable perks and benefits are so much more valuable than a best kept salon secret! Consider offering tiers of rewards, like discounts on retail items, service add-ons, or even free treatments for your client evangelists.

Post your best humblebrags with positive ratings and reviews from real clients

Positive ratings and reviews help spread that spirit of recommendation far and wide. The next best thing to a personal recommendation from someone you trust is a recommendation from a critical mass of strangers on the internet, as anyone who uses social media will understand. New clients looking for a salon to call home are likely to peruse their peers’ feedback to get a sense of the experience they can expect instead of walking in blind. No one wants to be a stylist’s guinea pig! A collection of positive ratings and reviews will give potential new clients confidence in your salon’s services and your team’s abilities.

Treat yo self to some paid advertising

Whether you implement a full Facebook advertising campaign or just sponsor a few expertly crafted posts, social media can be a great tool for salons looking to bring in new clients. Chances are your ideal clientele is already scrolling on Instagram to find inspiration for their new haircut and checking in on their favorite celeb styles. Use the targeting capabilities already built into social media platforms to reach customers in your local area or your typical demographic, and your ads will be more likely to turn interested eyeballs into committed customers.

Entice new salon clients with sensational seasonal promotions

Sometimes prospective customers need an extra push before they become new clients. Promotions are a good way to seal the deal and help people who are on the fence make the decision to try out your salon for themselves. If you’re considering how to increase walkins in the salon, promotions could be just the ticket. 

Here are some promotional ideas that can help your salon drive growth:

  • Discounts: Whether it’s a percentage or a set amount, knocking a little extra off the price will encourage hesitant and budget-conscious clients to book.

  • Added value: Instead of discounting your services, try offering added value instead, like a free neck massage with a weekend blow out, for example.

  • Seasonal: Tap into trends with promotions that match prevailing styles, like shorter cuts for a sweltering summer or expertly styled updos for wedding season.

Put your digital space to work by turbocharging your website

Don’t forget that your salon’s digital presence is equally as important as your physical space. This is especially true since the global pandemic started in 2020, forcing people around the world to get comfortable with interacting, booking, and engaging with companies online. Make sure your website gives new clients a chance to learn about your salon and get a sense of your brand, read up on stylists and the services you offer, and even book and prepay for appointments on their own.

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