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Master Retention: How to Get Massage Clients to Rebook

Here’s how to put in the work you need to get massage clients coming back for more…and more…and more

Advertising and social media campaigns can expand your clientele, bringing new customers through your doors. New clients are no doubt a business boon, but profit margins are much higher for repeat customers — especially those who have patronized your business for at least two and a half years. This means that focusing on how to get massage clients to rebook can have an even greater impact on your bottom line than you may have realized. 

How to get massage clients to rebook

1. Make scheduling easy

Look for online scheduling tools that create a frictionless experience for all clients regardless of tech proficiency, and that work equally well whether clients visit your site on their smartphone or computer. Another benefit of online scheduling that shouldn’t be overlooked is the opportunity to make your client’s first significant interaction with your brand a unique and pleasurable one. Smoothly moving through a process that’s custom-matched to the aesthetics of your business will make new clients excited to see more in person. (And yes, we’re happy to note that Boulevard’s online self-booking software checks all those boxes and more.)

2. Bring your staff on board

Whether you’re a boutique medspa or an operation with a large number of massage therapists, all staff members should be trained in when and how to get massage clients to rebook. Consistency is important. Massage therapists and office staff should be well acquainted with company protocol, whether that means providing therapists a sample script to use with their clients or stipulating that receptionists should always offer rebooking services when the client checks in or out. You’ll be shocked by how many rebookings you get simply by remembering to ask clients if they’d like to schedule their next appointment.

3. Elevate your client experience

It may go without saying, but it’s also worth repeating: One of the best ways to ensure client retention is to provide top-notch services. This means not only employing skilled and dedicated therapists, but also paying attention to the details of client service. Spotless, comfortable sheets and towels, relaxing music, complimentary water, and the soothing scents of essential oils all contribute to a client’s likeliness to return. Ask your clients about their preferences — do they want the room to be dim, or completely dark? Is there a specific type of music they would like to hear during their session? Are there any scents they’re allergic to or don’t care for? The best client experience is one that’s tailored to the individual. And on that note…

4. Personalize your interactions

Before the massage — whether you’re working with a new or returning client — check in to see how your client is feeling. What type of massage would most benefit them today? Are there any particular areas in which they’re experiencing pain or sensitivity? Any places to avoid? In these few minutes before the treatment begins, you have an opportunity to establish trust and connection with your client. Although you never want to interrupt the massage itself with idle chit-chat, taking a few moments for conversation before your session begins can help build a stronger bond between therapists and clients, increasing the likelihood that they’ll want to utilize your services again in the future. Use dedicated client profiles to note their preferences and they’ll be impressed when you’re already prepared for exactly what they want next time.

5. Stay connected 

Clients may not always choose to rebook immediately after their sessions, and that’s okay. It’s important to keep in regular contact with your clientele in the days and weeks after their appointments. You might send the client a brief email thanking them for their patronage and offering them easy rebooking. You can even automate the process of sending thank-you and reminder emails or text messages at fixed intervals, especially if you use the below point to incentivize clients opening them…

6. Offer discounts or package deals

Difficult economic times mean prospective clients are less inclined to spend money, but they also mean people need stress relief more than ever. While your clients may be willing to pay a premium for your high-quality services, that doesn’t mean they won’t be further tempted by the prospect of saving money. Making your services feel more economical with special discounts, such as packages of five or ten massages, will help guarantee repeat visits for a modest initial financial outlay. 

The bottom line

Doing everything you can to ensure that your services are of the highest quality is the first step in retaining a loyal client base. Maximize the tools at your disposal to create a frictionless and personalized experience for your clients. Software that brings booking, payment, reminders, and loyalty bonuses together under a unified brand — yours — is your secret weapon for creating a beautiful user experience.

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