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How to Build Bespoke Enterprise Experiences With Powerful APIs

When it comes to running an enterprise salon or spa, striking a balance between control and flexibility is key. Your brand is your brainchild, and every touchpoint from your online booking to staff practices should reflect that unique brand. But when it comes to day-to-day management, most technology partners lack the flexibility for enterprise businesses to build custom experiences, both internally and externally. 

That’s where Boulevard comes in. We offer three different powerful APIs that make it easy for you to create custom client experiences, internal workflows, and even reporting nuances, giving you that much-needed balance of flexibility and control for your individualized enterprise needs. Best of all? Our APIs are super simple to use, meaning your preferred dev shop or internal developers will love working with them. So, let’s dive into these three APIs and how you can take advantage of each.

Expand your brand with the client API

Brand consistency not only creates a better experience for customers, but it also helps drive client loyalty. While Boulevard's native self-booking overlay is a great out-of-the-box solution for your online booking needs, our Client API makes it easy for you to go even further by creating a completely unique experience that matches the look and feel of your brand. For example, one of our clients recently used our Client API to customize their booking experience so that it fully matched their brand with custom colors, fonts, and buttons. So whether you need to customize your service orders, bookable times, or how a client purchases a gift card, our Client API lets you tailor your booking experience to any need. 

The admin API: sync systems and build workflows

Want deeper insights into your clients? Need help customizing your staff’s unique workflows? This is the API for you. Boulevard’s Admin API allows you to not only access but also sync all of your data, including preferences, past appointments, payment details, and more, to any other system — giving you more info to work with within the Boulevard platform. You can even create custom client segments within the platform to help your CMO or marketing team build specifically tailored campaigns.  And when it comes to you and your staff’s day-to-day, you can customize workflows within the dashboard to make sure the features are set up in a way that makes the most sense for your business practices.

A reporting API to give you more power

Boulevard’s native reporting feature gives you fully customizable brand and location-level templates, which is fantastic for analyzing all your data. But with our Reporting API, you can take the analysis one step further by bringing in additional data from almost anywhere. Because, let’s face it, sometimes your data is in more than one place. If you’re using business intelligence tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, our API lets you easily download important data points into your platform of choice and export in bulk, so all your numbers align across the board. 

All in all, while Boulevard is focused on supporting you and your multilocation enterprise, we know that your business has unique needs which can require additional systems and tools. That’s why we're also here to be the hub that ensures all those systems are working together seamlessly. Through these powerful APIs, you’re able to connect any previous system or tool you use to run and manage your locations while also creating new custom experiences and workflows that make daily tasks easier and your client experience better. And that level of flexibility and control is not only what your enterprise business needs to thrive, it’s what you deserve.

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