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Take This Quiz to Discover the #HeydayHabit Your Skin Craves

Your skin goals are unique — your facial should be too. This quiz will help you find the perfect treatment based on your unique needs.

Who doesn’t love finding the perfect skincare routine? As exciting as skincare may be, the truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We all have different skin goals and concerns, so we need to lean on the treatments and products that are right for us. Boulevard partner Heyday Skincare agrees — that’s why all their facial services are customized for each client’s unique skin. Interested in having a facial, but not sure where to start? Curious which #HeydayHabit is right for you? Take this fun quiz to find out, and don’t forget to jot down your answers as you go!

#1: What are you looking for from the fabulous world of facials?

  • A. I’m a facial virgin! I’ve never had one before, but I sure am curious.

  • B. I’m looking for a treatment that digs deep and includes some healing massage therapy.

  • C. I heard some facials use lights to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria — is that real?

  • D. I wish I could have a facial that takes good care of my windsmooched/sunkissed skin.

  • E. I want a facial that helps heal skin conditions like age spots and hyperpigmentation.

#2: When it comes to skincare, which of these focuses speaks to you most?

  • A. Personalized care

  • B. Detoxification

  • C. Wrinkle reduction

  • D. Physical exfoliation

  • E. Chemical exfoliation

#3: Which of these represents your most important skin concerns right now?

  • A. My skin just needs a little TLC.

  • B. I want to release tension and improve muscle tone.

  • C. My face is more puffy and inflamed than I’m used to.

  • D. Ever since I came back from vacation, my skin has felt tired and dry.

  • E. I don’t know where they came from, but there are some spots on my skin I don’t love.

#4: What kind of attention do you want most from your facialist?

  • A. Help! I wish someone could help me decipher what my skin wants and needs.

  • B. I’m craving some tried and true healing techniques that really get below the surface.

  • C. I want a facialist that focuses on hands-off, high-tech treatments as much as possible.

  • D. I love how my face feels after all the dead skin is sloughed off — can a facial do that?

  • E. If only a facial could give me the benefits of exfoliation without the physical aspect…

#5: Which of these facial techniques would you rather experience?

  • A. A personal touch with treatments selected just for me.

  • B. Ancient techniques that increase lymphatic flow.

  • C. Red light, blue light, L.E.D.

  • D. Bring my natural glow to the surface.

  • E. Smooth out my skin color and texture without hours in the chair.

#6: If you could describe the skin of your dreams in three words, they’d be:

  • A. Healthy. Pampered. Unique. 

  • B. Toned. Lifted. Plump.

  • C. Calm. Clear. Clean.

  • D. Soft. Smooth. Fresh.

  • E. Bright. Young. Perky.

#7: What’s your primary reason for wanting a facial?

  • A. Self-care all day.

  • B. Get all the bad stuff out.

  • C. An all-around health boost.

  • D. Post-weather skin love.

  • E. Specific spot treatments.

#8: Without thinking too much, which word jumps out at you? (Just follow your gut.)

  • A. Relaxation

  • B. Tradition

  • C. Illumination

  • D. Rejuvenation

  • E. Clarity

If you selected mostly A’s: Comprehensive, personalized facial 

The truth is, all of Heyday’s facials are tailored exclusively for each and every client. If most of your quiz answers were A’s, we recommend starting with the facial fundamentals. Your Skin Therapist will get to know your skin and use the techniques and products designed to benefit it best. For the ouch-wary, that applies to extractions too; you’ll only have them if your skin is in good shape. If you decide to add any enhancements to your facial, that’s always an option. The basic facial is a great option for newbies and returning facial fans alike — you’re in good hands!

If you selected mostly B’s: Facial + gua sha massage

If your answers fall mostly on the B-side, gua sha may be your new best friend. Gua sha tools are all the rage these days — you’ve probably seen them on instagram and in health and wellness shops — but it’s really an ancient Chinese massage technique. On top of the benefits of the basic facial, gua sha massage increases lymphatic flow and tones the muscles of the face for a detoxifying and lifting effect. 

If you selected mostly C’s: Facial + light therapy

Light therapy is the way forward if your quiz answers were mostly C’s. Although today’s applications take a high tech approach, heliotherapy has actually been around in one form or another since ancient times. The light therapy #HeydayHabit won’t make you feel like a citizen of the ancient world, though; your Skin Therapist will choose between red light to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blue light to kill the bacteria that cause breakouts, and LED light to calm inflammation and stimulate your skin’s cells.

If you selected mostly D’s: Facial + microdermabrasion

If there are a whole lot of D’s dotting your answers list, microdermabrasion may be the right option for you. You don’t have to check into a medspa for it, either — microdermabrasion can actually be a simple and easy add-on to your basic facial package. This physical exfoliation technique is designed to reduce congested pores and soothe damage for softer, rejuvenated skin.

If you selected mostly E’s: Facial + professional peel

Last but not least, the E-leaning among us will probably want to go down the professional peel road. What microdermabrasion is to physical exfoliation, professional peels are to its chemical counterpart. Chemical peels can be targeted to your skin’s specific needs. That means whether you’re experiencing breakouts, seeing hyperpigmentation, or noticing signs of aging, there’s a no-downtime professional peel that can give you that exfoliating effect without harsh physical stimulation.

Now that you’ve found your #HeydayHabit using our handy dandy quiz, hurry on over to your nearest Heyday location and give your skin the just-for-you love it deserves! If there wasn’t a clear winner and your answers looked more like alphabet soup, fear not. Your Skin Therapist will get to know your skin so they can recommend the best plan for you. And you can add on enhancements to any facial, so you always have options with Heyday.

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