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Getting Into the Brow and Lash Business

Thoughtfully considered brow and lash services are a revenue-focused method for increasing customer loyalty.

Brow artistry is on the rise as clients look for stylists who can beautify their lashes and eyebrows. Tending to your clients’ brows opens up a new line of revenue and creates a reason for them to visit in between other treatments. If your salon has yet to offer brow or lash services, now is an excellent time to make that leap. Here’s how to break into the space and already be ahead of the curve. 

Bust brow and lash myths

Your clientele already knows a lot about brows...and some of it is even true. Brows don’t grow back! (Yes, they do.) Eyebrows have to be symmetrical! (Imperfect brows are the current trend, actually.) And on and on. Your stylists can serve as educators, busting brow myths while steering your clients towards services that will suit their faces, tastes, and budgets. 

Your team can also provide solutions for clients with specific issues. The hair loss associated with aging or hormonal imbalances can impact brows and lashes. Unusually high levels of stress can thin out brows and lashes, too. An empathetic stylist can broach the subject with a client and discuss options to enhance their natural beauty in an appropriate way.

Suit the service to the clients

Brow and lash products can serve a multitude of client dispositions. Before you invest in tools and supplies, reflect on what your clients will find appealing. Do they want to copy the hottest trend or just leave the salon with a style they can manage? The answer may vary depending on an individual salon’s location, or it may be “all of the above.” Whatever the case, it’s important to have the products on-hand that will help realize that vision. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment, either. Offer a free brow treatment to clients at the salon for other services in exchange for their feedback. Gauge their interest in trendy lashes versus high-quality mascara, or how much they’d be willing to pay to bundle a brow treatment in with their hair appointment.

Don’t overlook brow and lash aftercare

You wouldn’t dream of sending a client home after a hair appointment without telling them how to care for their new ‘do. Brows and lashes need just as much attention. Customers won’t book another appointment if they can’t make their look last, so take the time to educate them on the correct methods for keeping it fabulous.

Your salon should sell everything your customer would need to recreate or maintain their brow or lash look at home, including tools. Premade bundles of lashes, glue, and tweezers are an easy upsell, as are brand-specific aftercare treatments. Consider adding instructions for everyday brow or eyelash maintenance to your salon’s website to further assist with your customers’ at-home regimen.

Select products that are easy to use

Just because your stylists are highly skilled doesn’t mean they should always use the most complicated methods. Easy-to-use brow and lash products are ideal for your clients and prevent your staff from devoting too much time learning how to use them. Unless there’s a significant difference between products, always lean towards the one that will give your stylists more time to see clients. 

Brow and lash services are an excellent way to bolster your salons’ revenue streams while heightening customer loyalty. Your clients don’t want to spend their valuable time moving between beauty salons and will appreciate the option to add on to their existing appointment with your salon. Every solution you provide is another reason they shouldn’t waste time anywhere else — and that means more money for your business.

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