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Taboo Topics: Top Treatments for Female Hair Loss

Help your stylists navigate this sensitive subject with clients

The topic of female hair loss is not a fan favorite. In fact, talking about hair loss elicits feelings of shame for women. It seems more socially acceptable for men to talk about hair loss than women, perhaps because hair loss is more common for men than it is for women. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 85% of men and 40% of women will experience visible hair loss by the time they reach age 50. But, that doesn’t mean that hair loss for women shouldn’t be a topic of discussion.

And that’s why we are bringing it to the table today. So read on to learn more about how you can guide your female clients that may be struggling with this issue.

The top hair loss treatments

It’s inevitable that at some point, the stylists in your salon will encounter a femme client dealing with hair loss. Either the client will ask questions or your stylist may find an opportunity to bring up the subject with a client who is clearly struggling with it. The latter can be tricky, as it can evoke an emotional response, but if there’s enough trust, the advice would likely be well-received. 

To prepare for both situations, you must equip yourself and your stylists with the knowledge of how to help female clients dealing with hair loss and empower them to get their luscious locks back in action.


This drug got its start as a treatment for high blood pressure, but the people using minoxidil to help lower their blood pressure noticed an interesting side effect — that they were growing hair where they had previously lost it. Talk about a bonus!

The results of using minoxidil vary from person to person, and some people may find they need to use it for longer to see regrowth while others may see nearly immediate results. 

But the great thing about the option of minoxidil is that it is over-the-counter, which means it is easy to find and isn’t prohibitively expensive. One of the top products for women that contains minoxidil is Rogaine Women’s 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol Hair Regrowth Treatment. You’ve likely heard of Rogaine from men in your life dealing with hair loss, and we love that they’ve created a product specifically formulated for women. This formula has been clinically proven to regrow hair and aid with hair follicle activity as well as hair protein production. All you have to do is apply the foam to your hair daily for four months. 

Though the above product from Rogaine is the top minoxidil product on the market for women, there are a couple of others worth mentioning that work, too.


Some women may find that minoxidil doesn’t work for them and if that’s the case for one of your clients, the next thing to try is an anti-androgen drug called spironolactone. 

Androgens are made up of male hormones like testosterone, and those can lead to quicker hair loss for women. So, suggest your clients talk to their doctor about anti-androgens to put a halt to that hair loss. They can either opt to be prescribed a drug like Aldactone or go with a product that has lower levels of the anti-androgens and doesn’t require a prescription.

One such product is the Advanced Trichology HairStem DHT Blocker Hair Growth Shampoo. This shampoo was created with years of research behind it and includes anti-androgen ingredients that will help to fight pattern hair loss. In addition to that, this shampoo has antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory ingredients that will soothe the scalp and reduce the amount of shedding.


Another way to help combat the issue of hair loss in women is to use products that work to strengthen hair and help prevent breakage. 

There are all sorts of products on the market that can help with this, but our favorite is the Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplement. Many supplements make claims that can’t be backed, but this one from Nutrafol has research to justify its efficacy and people are wild over it. It’s full of ingredients that work to strengthen your hair including marine collagen, ashwagandha, and more. 

Here are some other great products to try for strengthening.

Don’t forget to have other solutions at the ready, such as wigs, shorter styles, or rocking a bald look! Everyone deserves to feel great when they look in the mirror, and your salon is uniquely positioned to make that possible.

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