Video • Interview

    Engineering at Boulevard: Meet Leo Nikkilä

    By Emily Badgley


    Who: Leo Nikkilä

    Role: Senior Software Engineer


    "I lived in Helsinki until 2017. I'm now in Tallinn, Estonia which has a lively tech scene, and ranks #3 in startups per capita in Europe.?

    How long have you been at Boulevard?

    "Almost four years now. I started in July of 2016 when Boulevard was just a few people."

    Advice to an engineer considering joining the team

    "Being thoughtful of how your work as an engineer shapes the product experience is an advantage, especially at a startup where features are shipped quickly."

    OH from Leo on Slack

    "I think there might be more saunas in Finland than cars."

    (Revision from Leo, (because, Leo 😂))

    "I just fact checked [the above OH], the true version is 'there are half as many saunas as cars in Finland.'"

    Thing you're into right now?

    "I've been looking into unconventional/obscure tech recently for inspiration. I'm a big fan of this website, it's a solar-powered online magazine. It makes you think how efficient technology can be if we focus on what matters."