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The Weather Outside is Frightful: Educating Clients on Cold-Weather Hair Damage

Winter is coming, but it doesn’t have to be murder on your hair.

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. For some people, this time of year brings with it the cozy image of lazing in front of a fireplace while snow falls outside. For stylists, however, winter means dealing with cold-weather damage that can ravage your clients’ hair. As the weather outside (and the state of your clients’ hair) grows increasingly frightful, it’s time to spread the word about cold-weather hair care. Here’s how to do that organically while building trust and cementing your position as a go-to hair care expert.

Step 1: Get social

Social media is a crucial marketing tool for beauty pros, and it’s also the perfect place to kick off an awareness campaign about the dangers of wintry weather on those carefully maintained locks. There are plenty of simple ways to use your platform to keep clients in the know:

  • General awareness: It’s possible that some followers aren’t even aware that winter is brutal on hair. Making them aware of the issues chilly weather can cause is the first step.

  • Seasonal tips: Use dry shampoo to combat flat hat hair. Shampoo less frequently to avoid dry, itchy scalps. These are the kind of nuggets you can drop on your audience to establish your salon as a go-to source of expertise.

  • Product recommendations: What products are professionals using to keep their hair looking sleek all through the winter? Clients and followers would probably benefit from that information — and if they happen to be products your salon carries, all the better. 

  • Community engagement: Solicit questions from followers about their own cold-weather hair concerns. Use a hashtag to keep track of queries and respond frequently — this kind of back-and-forth is essential for fostering an engaged audience.

Step 2: Use chair time strategically

No need to turn a highlight session into Hair Care 101, but when your clients are in the chair, it’s a good opportunity to spread the word. While blow-drying or finishing off a look, let clients know what products you’re using and what purpose they serve, as well as how they can continue to prevent weather damage once they leave the salon. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information at once; stick to simple instructions they can easily remember.

As a bonus, this is also an ideal time to recommend deep conditioning treatments if your salon offers them. In fact, you may want to consider that as an add-on special during the winter months if you live in a particularly chilly area.

Step 3: Bring it on home

If you sell hair care products in your salon, this is the perfect time to put together a “winter wonderland” bundle that clients can easily grab on their way out. That way, instead of having to search and compare all different kinds of oils, dry shampoos, and hair masks, they can just grab the themed set at checkout. With the right packaging, it could even make a thoughtful gift for clients to buy for their loved ones throughout the holiday season.

The weather may be frightful, but it’s up to you to remind your clients that a little chill is no reason not to have fabulous hair. Not only will this advice help them survive the cold winter months, but it helps create a lasting bond between you and your clients that will keep them coming back again and again.

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