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How HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ is Helping Salons Create Gender-Affirming Spaces


By Boulevard

At Boulevard, we think Pride Month should never end. No, we’re not talking about the actual month of June (we’re well aware that has to end at some point). We’re talking about the spirit of Pride Month and everything it stands for; recognizing the history and resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community, celebrating and affirming LGBTQIA+ identities, and reminding ourselves that the ongoing journey toward inclusivity and equality for the LGBTQIA+ community is just that — ongoing.  

While Pride Month provides us with a powerful reminder of this continuing struggle, our shared responsibility to advocate for the rights of individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity doesn’t end when the calendar flips to July. We must always push forward. The next organization in our ongoing Causes that Matter series is working to ensure that the hair and salon industry does just that.  

Meet HAIR HAS NO GENDER™, a remarkable non-profit providing the hair and salon industry with the training and resources needed to create inclusive, gender-affirming spaces that leave clients feeling loved and accepted for who they are. Part training curriculum, part community resource, and part lifestyle, HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ is on a mission to usher in a new and lasting era of inclusive, gender-free, and gender-affirming practices within the hair world. The organization offers a variety of professional education and business tools that help the industry respect and support the well-being of all genders through a human-first approach to hairdressing. 

HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ was born out of the determination of its founder, Jamie DiGrazia, an award-winning business owner, stylist, educator, and above all else, fierce advocate for gender inclusivity and the rights and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community. After turning a love of hairdressing into a career as a stylist, Jamie opened Logan Parlor, an award-winning boutique hair salon in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago in the summer of 2013. Though she was always passionate about practicing inclusivity, Jamie quickly learned that respecting and embracing individuality was just plain good business; the more emotionally safe and supported clients felt, the happier and more loyal they became.   

Thus, what began as a personal approach to hairdressing evolved into the movement that is HAIR HAS NO GENDER™. Today, the organization provides a wealth of educational resources that teach salons how to implement inclusive, gender-free, and gender-affirming business practices and techniques. HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ offers in-person and virtual training courses covering general business practices (such as creating gender-neutral pricing and service options) and specific hair-styling techniques. It hosts an online shop full of fun and creative gender-affirming merchandise to help salons make their spaces feel safe for all. Perhaps most importantly, it maintains a searchable database to help clients find allied businesses that have affirmed their support for the organization’s mission and commitment to inclusivity.

While it might seem like DiGrazia can do it all, as a non-profit, HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ needs support from the community it serves. Boulevard is proud to donate to this organization’s incredible mission and we encourage everyone in the salon and broader beauty industry to do the same. Click here to donate, and while you’re at it, add your salon to the growing list of affirming service providers. The organization offers both free and paid listings, the latter of which gives salons access to the organization’s interactive events and includes an additional option to share detailed information about your salon with prospective clients and industry professionals. You can also subscribe to the HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ newsletter to keep up with various community and virtual events. 

Remember, while HAIR HAS NO GENDER™ might be leading the way, creating a world full of safe, affirming, gender-inclusive spaces is everyone’s responsibility — this month, and every month.

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