Case Study

Case Study: TrueLark & Mosaic Hair Studio

Mike Van Den Abbeel and his wife Kiri started Mosaic Hair Studio in 2004 with big dreams of creating an employee-led salon. The strategy paid off: As of 2022, Mosaic sees $4 million in revenue annually.

In 2018, the volume of incoming calls to Mosaic salons led Mike and his team to adopt TrueLark, an AI-led communications solution. The platform allowed Mosaic to respond to each and every customer while lightening the load on the front desk staff. But Mosaic's management software didn't support multiple locations or advanced features. Worse still, it didn't offer an integration with TrueLark.

Enter Boulevard, an intuitive business management platform powering the next generation of salons and spas. Boulevard’s integration support allowed Mike and his team to easily incorporate TrueLark without missing a beat.


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