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Case Study: Skin House Facial Bar

Shireen Mustafa founded Skin House Facial Bar to create a brand-new facial experience — one that molds the traditional comforts of a spa into an intimate and personalized skincare journey. The services you receive at Skin House Facial Bar go beyond skincare.

As a brand that always puts its customers first, Skin House Facial Bar relies on the last interaction to leave a lasting impression. So, when it came to Booker’s clunky checkout not being able to store payments, it caused issues on all sides.

After struggling with Booker’s inability to offer her staff and clients the support they needed, Shireen found Boulevard — a business management platform designed specifically for beauty service brands. Developed along with industry leaders in the salon space, Boulevard proved to be the perfect solution in allowing Skin House Facial Bar to easily offer better booking, more personalized care, and it provided the tools she needed to manage and grow her empire.

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