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How SAUNA HOUSE® Democratizes Hot/Cold Therapy

Step into the world of hot/cold therapy and the inspiring story of SAUNA HOUSE®, a unique spa in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded by Andrew Lachlan and Jennifer Richter, SAUNA HOUSE®is not just a place for relaxation but a hub for social wellness. Learn how Andrew's personal journey led him to discover the transformative effects of European bathhouses and saunas. Fueled by a passion for environmental sustainability and fair pay, the founders faced software challenges that most businesses couldn't address. However, with Boulevard's revolutionary platform, they found the perfect solution, enabling them to offer exceptional client experiences, personalized services, and automated marketing campaigns that boosted their success. As SAUNA HOUSE®expands through franchising, Boulevard remains their indispensable partner, empowering the brand's growth and customization. Download the case study now to uncover the secrets behind SAUNA HOUSE®'s thriving success.

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