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Building a Nail Empire: Tips for Scaling Your Operation

Creating a consistent experience across locations is key to expanding your nail business.

Many nail salon owners dream of turning their shop into a full-fledged enterprise. However, scaling a nail business comes with its own set of challenges that other business owners don’t necessarily have to think about. If you’re ready to expand your business and create a nail empire, these tips will help you on your journey.

Step 1: Develop a recognizable brand voice

One of the most important steps when establishing a multi-location nail business is ensuring that all salons have a consistent brand voice. Maybe you’re the place that offers the most luxurious pedicures, or maybe you offer intricate nail art that can’t be found anywhere else. Whatever your identity is, your empire will be built upon it, so make sure that brand voice is bold, authentic, and recognizable.

Naturally, a big part of branding — particularly for nail salon owners and other beauty pros — is aesthetics. Logos, fonts, color palettes, and graphics are all necessary ingredients for creating a recognizable brand. Building an active social media presence is another key component of developing your brand voice. And don’t forget about your brand values; beauty clients appreciate businesses with shared values and tend to gravitate towards authenticity and transparency

Step 2: Make the experience consistent across locations

Your clients should know that they’re going to get the same experience at any of your nail salons. If your flagship shop offers terrific customer service and impeccable manicures, but your other salons don’t measure up, it’s going to hurt your brand. Likewise, if it’s easier to make appointments at some salons and harder at others, potential clients might choose to just take their business everywhere.

Creating a consistent experience starts with infrastructure. Make booking appointments and follow-ups as easy as possible for new clients or those switching locations; the right salon management software can do a lot of the heavy lifting there. Next, empower and educate leadership across locations to ensure that your company culture and brand values are shining through everywhere.

Step 3: Add new revenue streams

As your client base grows and your business expands, it’s a good idea to add new revenue streams to keep up with this growth. For nail salons, there are plenty of options as far as additional sources of revenue. Here are a few:

  • Beauty products: Consider selling products that allow clients to enhance your services in the comfort of their own homes, like hand lotions or foot scrubs. Bonus points if you partner with local businesses and offer exclusives.

  • New services: Nails will always be the core of your empire, but it’s not a bad idea to add to your service offerings. For example, if you offered brow or lash services and bundled them with existing services, clients would have even more incentive to choose your business over a competitor’s.

  • Memberships and subscriptions: Creating a membership program might require discounts on services upfront, but in the long run, those recurring fees and repeat visits pay off.

It’s hard enough to get a single nail salon off the ground, let alone an entire enterprise. Successfully scaling a single shop into a thriving multi-location enterprise requires planning, infrastructure, and business savvy. By following the steps in this post, you’ll be well on your way to creating the nail empire of your dreams.

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