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4 Simple Ways Your Beauty Biz Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even small actions can make a big difference in the fight this October

Breast cancer has left its mark on countless lives; almost everyone knows someone who has been touched by the disease. While we've seen huge improvements in treatment and survival rates, there's still more work to do — and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to get involved. Here are four actions your beauty business can take to support the cause. 

Be pretty in pink

Sometimes the simplest things can inspire a person to take action. If you need a fast way to put Breast Cancer Awareness Month in your clients' minds, do it with color. Pink ribbons are a symbol of support for breast cancer patients and survivors, so you could have them available for stylists and customers. But don't limit yourself to ribbons. Encourage your staff to wear pink clothes. Put pink flowers or pink balloons at your reception desk. Pink decor is a straightforward way to start the conversation about breast cancer awareness.

Raise money as well as awareness

Many organizations have formed in recent decades to help people impacted by the disease, each with different specialties. Here are some reputable groups working in the field:

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation: Research is the heart of this charity, which aims to finance big, ambitious ideas in the search for reliable breast cancer treatments.

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation: Here the focus is on prevention and education. NBCF is especially focused on reducing the disparities in access to care caused by poverty or lack of health insurance. 

  • Breast Cancer Alliance: This organization is working for better outcomes and quality of life for people with breast cancer, with its funds going toward scientific research, medical fellowships, patient education, and outreach.

Donations of any size are welcome, whether it's $5 from an individual or a percentage of October profits from a successful salon.

Support activities in your neighborhood

The organizations above may already be familiar names, thanks to their nationwide efforts in research, treatment, and support for breast cancer patients, but there are also ways you can get involved in more directly helping people who live where you do.

Many cities have dedicated oncology clinics that might need funding or supplies. Sports teams of all types often get involved with good causes, as do schools and universities. Even local governments might have projects promoting the importance of screening and education in breast cancer prevention.

If you act early, your beauty business can find sponsorship opportunities for any of those events. You could also organize a group of volunteers to pitch in behind the scenes. Even just displaying an event flyer in your front window can help get the word out about the cause.

Reward your charitable clients

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance for your business to get creative and connect with your community. For instance, a hair salon could provide discounted services to guests who are donating their hair to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients; Locks of Love, Hair We Share, and Wigs for Kids all accept hair donations. 

Organizing a raffle is another way to get your customers involved. Offer a package of goods or services to the winners, and all the raffle ticket revenue can go directly to a breast cancer charity. This is something your business can do independently, or you could reach a larger audience by joining forces with other companies in your area.

When it comes to this type of fundraising, use your best instincts. You know your client base well, so think about the types of promotion that will get them most engaged. The most important thing is to be true to your business' ethos and offer a sincere way for everyone to do some good for others.

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