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Boulevard Platform Updates: September 2021

Check out all the exciting new features and updates in Boulevard this month.

Boulevard has been hard at work in September! We released the ability to charge for products used during services, finalized our Zapier integration to automate workflows, gave service providers insight into their gratuity totals, made even more improvements to the Boulevard Duo app, and more. Read on to learn about everything new in Boulevard this month!

Charge for products used during services

Certain services like Botox injections or facials use products during the appointment, and now you can track and charge for this product usage. First, you’ll specify the product used for a service and then set the default unit quantity and price.

service details

You can also modify the service price on an appointment’s details or at checkout based on how much product was used. All product usage is automatically tracked in their stock levels and reporting.

rita blanda

Build custom automations with Zapier

Looking to create automated workflows to save your team valuable time? There’s a zap for that. Zapier moves information between 3,000+ web apps automatically through Zaps, so you can eliminate routine manual tasks and focus on what matters most.

new client in boulevard

To create a zap, simply choose Boulevard and select from the available triggers to automate a workflow to another application your business uses. Some examples of what you can accomplish include:

  • Automatically tag client profiles based on their purchases

  • Pass client and appointment data into marketing platforms like Klaviyo for advanced marketing automation

  • Set up time blocks across locations for staff who float between them throughout the day

  • Confirm client appointments using a texting platform such as Twilio

  • And much more!

Boulevard’s Zapier integration is available to all partners with Premier and Enterprise subscriptions. Learn how to get access to Boulevard’s Zapier app below!

Keep track of your tips from the Professional App

The wait is over. Service providers can now see their total gratuity during a given period of time on the Performance tab of the Professional App!


To enable staff members’ access to view their performance, toggle on the “Mobile App Reports” privilege in your Manage Business settings.


Make sure your employees upgrade their Professional App to version 1.271.266.

Improve front desk workflows with Boulevard Duo app enhancements

Since releasing the Boulevard Duo app, we’ve released several improvements that will make your front desk’s day-to-day a bit easier:

  • While payments processed with the Boulevard Duo or with a card on file no longer require a signature, the Duo app will now automatically ask for a signature when swiping or manually entering credit cards.

  • Skip prompting a client for gratuity from the checkout window if it was already collected to make checkout even faster with the Duo app.

lea schamberger
  • New notifications in the Dashboard and within the app will notify you when a new version of the app is available to download.

update to the latest app version
  • If a client didn’t finish checking in from the Duo app, you can now switch the control of the app so it can be used to checkout a different client.

  • To make sure your iPad is always ready when a new client arrives, the app will now warn a user that it will return to the welcome screen if it has been idle for at least 90 seconds.

are you still there

Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Duo app to utilize the latest and greatest enhancements!

Gain more control over who can block time on the calendar

You may not want all employees to be able to block time on your calendar. Now you can choose who has the ability to set Time Blocks with a new privilege.

set time block

By disabling this privilege, the privilege group will no longer have the ability to create or adjust Time Blocks.

Customize how staff requests are calculated

Tracking requested staff metrics just got more flexible! Now, you can specify whether to automatically indicate a staff member as requested versus non-requested when an appointment is scheduled directly on the staff member's calendar.

requested appointments

To disable and prevent staff from being automatically marked as requested, navigate to the Details section of your Manage Location tab.

Always know who’s performing a service

Before, you could only see the service for a client’s upcoming appointment in their client profile. Now, you’ll also see the staff member assigned to scheduled appointments.

brady gleason

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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