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    Boulevard Platform Updates: September 2020

    By Anna Balliet


    This month, we’re making it easier than ever to personalize every phone call and track client forms. You’ll also see some exciting updates to cancellation policy windows and permission settings. Let’s dive in!

    Answer the Phone with a Personal Touch using Boulevard Caller ID

    Boulevard’s Contact Center add-on now includes Caller ID, making it a breeze to see client details on the dashboard before answering the phone. Simply click on the client name to view full profile info, and make them feel like you already know them. New customer calling? Easily create a new client profile directly from the Caller ID Card to schedule them on the books. 

    Caller ID Image

    Remember: Clients need to call the business’ assigned Incoming number for Caller ID to appear. So don’t forget to update your phone number everywhere: your website, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and any other places you list your number! If your number is being hosted for 2-way texting, please reach out to your Partner Manager to find out how to start using Caller ID.*

    Learn more about Caller ID here.

    Take client communication to the next level. Everyone knows greeting clients on a first-name basis makes them feel remembered and valued. Contact Center lets you create a bespoke experience starting on the phone, consolidates duplicate client profiles with a simple click, and cuts down on time on the phone by knowing important client info during every call.

    All Premier and Enterprise subscriptions can upgrade to Boulevard’s Contact Center add-on. To take advantage of the Contact Center including Caller ID, reach out to your Partner Manager today!

    *Starting at 300 minutes/month free of charge. $.10/minute thereafter.

    Easily check if a client completed their form

    Tracking and accessing a client's form is now easier than ever! A new Forms tab within the client profile lets you easily view form details, for those who have them.

    Sept 20 Release Notes Client Form

    All Premier and Enterprise subscriptions can upgrade to Boulevard’s Forms add-on. To take advantage of electronic forms, reach out to your Partner Manager today!

    Control when a client can cancel their appointment

    Sometimes 24 hours isn't enough time to fill that newly available appointment slot. Now, you have the ability to customize the appointment cancellation timeframe before clients are charged a late cancellation fee.

    Sept 20 Release notes block 4 image

    Navigate to the Online Booking settings in the Manage Business tab to update the Cancellation Window!

    Total control on who sees what. Apply different reporting permissions across staff members.

    Maybe you want staff to see all location data, maybe you only want them to view data for their assigned location. Starting 9/11/20, all customers can create privilege groups so that certain team members can only see reporting relevant to their assigned location, or across all locations. Navigate to the Manage Business settings, select Privilege Groups, and toggle the appropriate reporting permissions under Administration.

    Sept 20 Release notes block 5 image

    You also have the ability to lock a report you’ve created to prevent any other staff members from making changes. Anyone else can view the report, but they cannot make any edits to the filters or customizations you created.

    Sept 20 release notes block 6 image

    Read more about Privilege Groups here.

    Control who can checkout appointments with other payment methods

    A new privilege setting allows you to choose which staff members are able to checkout appointments with the “Other” payment method such as vouchers or account balances.

    Sept 20 Release notes Image 7

    Disabling this setting for a privilege group will ensure they don’t even see the option to process transactions using those methods, keeping communication simple.

    Have a must-have product feature idea? A question for our Product team? Connect us at and tell us what's up. See you in October! 👻