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Boulevard Platform Updates: October 2021

Boulevard’s October Platform Updates: Messages improvements, faster Beta Reports, and more!

As we move into a new month, we’re excited to share what Boulevard has worked on in October! We released Messages improvements, timecard enhancements, faster Beta reports, custom pronoun options, and even more. Read on to learn about everything new in Boulevard last month.

Stay on top of unread Messages

Previously, the Messages showed the number of open conversations that were not yet manually closed out. This made it difficult to understand how many clients were actually waiting for a response! Now, the Messages displays the number of unread messages at your location, regardless of whether the conversation is open or closed.

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You can also quickly find unread messages with a blue dot to the right of the message thread preview. Once a message thread is clicked open, the “Messages” tab notification number will be reduced by the number of unread messages sent by that client. You’ll also see who opened and read a message along with the date and time.


Once a message has been responded to, you can still close out the message by selecting the checkmark at the upper right-hand corner of the thread to better manage your inbox.

Learn more about Boulevard’s Messages add-on here!

Prevent overlapping timecard entries

Boulevard wants to ensure that you can easily calculate hourly rates with accurate timecards. When an employee creates a new timecard, the dashboard will now warn you if the timecard overlaps with an existing one!

staff timecard

Get up-to-date data faster

We improved the refresh rate of Beta Reports by as much as 75%, so now you can get up-to-date data in about one to two hours. Stay tuned for even better refresh rates, but this update should make end-of-day reporting a little easier!

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Set custom pronouns for clients

Previously, you could select “Other” for a client’s preferred pronoun, but there was no way to specify. Now, when “Other” is selected from the dropdown, you’re able to enter the specific pronouns for any client manually.

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Easily adjust a resource’s available hours

We want to make it hassle-free to ensure that rooms and resources are available when your business needs them. Now you can manage your resource shifts directly from the Calendar view. Simply click on the resource’s name on its corresponding column of the calendar and select “Adjust Shift.”


If a recurring schedule is published for the resource, you can modify the shift for a single day or for each recurring shift on that particular day.

Rest assured that the calendar is managed when deactivating staff

When deactivating a staff member's profile in Boulevard, a new warning message will confirm the action. If the staff member is a service provider with scheduled appointments, the message will let you know the number of scheduled appointments still associated with the staff member to ensure appointments can be edited accordingly.

deactivate emil

Control who can merge client profiles

Before, anyone could merge client profiles when a duplicate profile was created. Now, you can control who has the ability to make this change with a privilege setting for “Merge Client Profiles.”

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To enable or disable this privilege, navigate to the Privilege Groups section of your Manage Business settings.

merge client profiles

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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