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Boulevard Platform Updates: July - August 2022

Check out all the exciting new features and updates in Boulevard this month.

As sweet summertime slowly comes to a close, we want to take a moment to look back on some of the ways in which we at Boulevard have improved our product in July & August. Our teams are always hard at work seeking new ways to make your lives just a little easier – so keep reading to learn about all the platform updates from the last couple of months.

Easily edit email preheader text

Email Preview Text (aka preheader text) is a short summary text that follows the subject line when clients view an email from their inbox. It's now easier to view and edit this text when you're creating automated or one-time blast campaigns. You can still use the default text or add your own flair by clicking into it, adding your verbiage, and saving.

july august update - edit email details

Smarter defaults on One-Time Blast audiences

When setting up a One-Time blast email campaign, the default audience for selection will now choose all clients who have been in in the last 24 months. Targeting clients who’ve been in somewhat recently will improve your overall campaign performance, reduce spam complaints, and ensure that these messages are reaching an audience more likely to engage.

july august update - one time blast

New One-Time Blast status indicators make it easier to see what’s what

We’ve made it a little easier to check the status of your One-Time Blast campaigns! Now, a One-Time Blast campaign status will show as Completed, Scheduled, Paused and Draft.

july august update - one time blast campaign

Enhanced controls for logging out or deactivating users

We want to ensure you have the control you need over your business, so we've made it easier for account administrators to log out employees if their device has been lost or stolen. You can do this by navigating to either the Staff or Employees section of administrator tools, selecting a staff member, and logging them out.

For added security, when you deactivate a user, Boulevard will automatically log that user out of all of their sessions.

july august update - user controls

Stay in control with new access settings for Client Notes & Forms

We know that client privacy is critical, and you may want to limit which client information should be visible for each staff member. Now, Business Admins can decide which of their staff members can view client notes (including medications and allergies) as well as add/edit notes. In addition, you can now control whether staff members using the Boulevard Professional App will see clients’ last names.

If you have the Forms add-on, you can now adjust which staff members can create form templates, view completed forms, and who can add/edit a form.

july august update - client notes

Print a blank form

Have you ever wanted to print out a form so a client or staff could fill it out on paper? Now you can! Go to your Business Dashboard, click “Manage Business Settings” and select any form. From there, simply preview the form and you’ll have the option to print or save as PDF.

Once a form has been filled out, you can attach a photo or scan of the completed form in the Notes section of the Client Profile to keep all of a client’s information organized.

Easily spot expired vouchers

We’ve made it easier for the front desk to see expired vouchers in the Client Profile. Now, when your client has an expired voucher, we flag that it’s expired and auto-adjust the voucher count. You can see this change in the “Payment Methods” tab of the Client Profile.

Reduce fraud with zip code verification

To help reduce fraud and support chargeback cases, billing zip codes are now required for transactions when a card is not present or you want to store a card on file. That’s all for now. See you next month!

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