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Boulevard Platform Updates: April 2022

Hope tax day came and went without a hitch for you! Last month, we added a few new updates to the platform, including new commission settings when using vouchers or discounts and the option to send new confirmation emails when appointments are adjusted. For those of you using the Marketing Suite Beta, you should have received some exciting news on April 14 - be sure to check that out if you haven’t yet.

Customize commission settings when vouchers or discounts are applied

Memberships and packages are a great way to bring in more business quickly - you can sell vouchers for future services and bring in the revenue now. 

When vouchers are redeemed at checkout, Boulevard’s default settings calculate the service provider’s commission based on the value of the voucher used. However, because vouchers can be sold at a discount, a service provider may receive a lower commission when clients pay with vouchers.

If you want to incentivize your service providers to sell more memberships or packages, Admins and Location Managers now have the option to change the commission calculation setting. Now, a service provider’s commission can be based on the list price of a service, keeping their commission consistent regardless of whether you apply a voucher at checkout.

To calculate commission based on the service list price, navigate to the Details section of your Manage Location settings, then scroll down near the bottom of the page to find “Commission on Services Paid with a Voucher” (shown below).


If you select “Commission on the service list price,” commission will be calculated based on the full list price of the service, whether or not you apply a voucher at checkout. Note that the list price still takes into account custom staff, location, and custom price accommodations set up for the client. 

“Commission on the value of the voucher” will keep commission settings to the previous default setting in Boulevard.

Note: we recommend that this type of change be made at the beginning of a new pay period to ensure the smoothest payroll possible.

Resend confirmation email after editing an appointment

When you edit an appointment via the "Edit Appointment" window, you'll now have the option to resend a confirmation email to your client.


This box will be checked by default and sends an email update when you select "Update Appointment" after making changes. Prefer to keep changes to yourself? Simply uncheck the box, and no email will be sent.

That's all for this month! Check back at the beginning of June to see what else is new.

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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