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Bikini Season Your Way: Products For However You Wear Your Hair Down There

Whether you go Brazilian, rock that 1970s vibe, or find yourself somewhere in-between – we got you, boo!

“Bikini season” is here, and if you're an American, that probably brings up some complex feelings. We were raised to think binge diets for "bikini bodies" were virtuous and we have been conditioned to see body hair as unnatural. At Boulevard, hair is our business – but your body hair choices should serve you alone. We're calling out body-positive body haircare brands to celebrate this fresh take on the bikini body.

Full Frontal by Fur

Soft skin, soft hair, absolutely everywhere! Fur’sFull Frontal includes Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, Ingrown Concentrate, and a finger mitt for total pubic hair care. It exfoliates, softens hair, clears pores, makes regrowth appear soft and fine, targets bumps, reduces redness, and soothes irritation, all in one fur-rific set.

Honey Pot Foaming Wash

Plant-based vaginal care? What’s not to love! This gentle cleanser boasts natural lactic acid for pH balance and contains no added parabens, dioxides, or sulfates.The Honey Pot Foaming Wash is offered in Normal, Sensitive, Cucumber Aloe, and Bergamot Rose.

Cooka Kit Bikini Line Kit and Razor

Truly Beauty’sCooka Kit gets you that super-smooth, ingrown-free bikini line with bottles of Cooka Oil and Cooka Concentrate and their signature double-bladed Life Shaver razor.

I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes

These natural intimate hygiene wipes provide instant relief while cleaning, refreshing, and helping to buff that muff!I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes are made from 100% biodegradable, compostable rayon paper. Cooling, calming, and oh-so-convenient in their individual packages.

Queen V Cleansing Bar

Created to R-E-S-P-E-C-T your intimate microbiome, theQueen V Cleansing Bar is enriched with aloe and rose water to clean without harsh ingredients. Offering a pH-balanced, soap-free formulation in a luscious Wild Berry scent, Queen V lathers generously, rinses clean, and chases all your troubles away.

Rael Soothing Feminine Mist

Rael Soothing Feminine Mist is made with natural botanical ingredients to gently relieve vulvar irritation and odor while keeping your private parts hydrated and refreshed. Contains calming hibiscus, refreshing eucalyptus, lactobacillus ferment for pH balance, and a super-hydrating H3O hyaluronic acid complex.

Shades of V® Luminizer

Every part of our bodies deserves to glow!Shades of V® Luminizer is the highlighter for your sassy spots, wherever they might be. Safe, gentle ingredients like Scandinavian lingonberry, sea buckthorn, rosehips, and sprout extract work to soften skin, even tone, and support elasticity.

Sweet Sacred Feminine Herbal Vaginal Steam

An ancient tradition for vaginal wellness, vaginal steaming helps you reconnect with your body while maintaining uterine health. Sweet Sacred Feminine Herbal Vaginal Steam is a handmade blend of organic herbs with antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Let your inner-divine shine!

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