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What You Can Learn From the 6 Best Massage Ads of All-Time

Get inspired to advertise your massage business by learning from the best

Advertising is essential for any business, including massage. There are countless schools of thought on advertising, and certain techniques work better for some industries than others. Additionally, what might work for a print ad won’t work on TV or social media. Don’t sweat all the possibilities right now, though — it’s much more productive to start by taking some inspiration from some of the best massage ads out there.

Keep reading to see some of the most unique and effective massage ads and learn what makes them effective at attracting new business.

Best sandwich board massage ads

A sandwich board placed in an area with a lot of foot traffic can be a simple and cost-effective way of reaching a large audience of potential customers. The secret is coming up with a minimalist design and slogan that makes readers stop in their tracks and want to learn more. These are some excellent examples of how that works:

massage ad: invest in yourself

What’s brilliant about this sandwich board massage ad is that it doesn’t even feel like an ad. Placing this in a shopping center or outlet mall is disruptive. People who frequent these locations are often looking for expensive handbags and similar luxury goods, so it’s an excellent example of going against the grain to center your unique value proposition. It also makes a relatable point — the importance of prioritizing your health over material possessions. Finally, it frames the idea of getting a massage as an investment instead of a treat or luxury. 

As a result, someone seeing this ad who might be sore from walking around a mall all day will consider getting a massage as a better use of their money, since it will improve their well-being to a greater degree than a new accessory.

massage ad we treat that


On the subject of health benefits, this sandwich board massage ad has a similar idea to the previous one but uses a different approach. Though this specific example was displayed by a chiropractic office, the same format can easily be applied to sandwich board advertisements for your massage business. What kind of common aches, pains, and other ailments do your massage therapists help with?

Best Instagram massage ads

When posting ads on social media, you enter into tough competition for people’s attention. You may have only seconds to make an impression before someone scrolls past your ad, so you should try to make the most distinctive ads possible. These are some ideal examples of effective social media massage ads.

ask a therapist ad

This Instagram massage ad is brilliant, although it looks deceptively simple. First, it has a striking visual design. Notice the color choice: this shade of purple is bright without being painful to look at, and it stands out from most posts you find on Instagram. As a result, this ad catches the eye when scrolling, which is the first part of the battle won. 

Next, look at the phrasing. It asks a massage therapist to define a popular form of massage, but it doesn’t show the answer. Instead, curious viewers have to read the attached caption to learn what deep tissue massage actually is. Getting a user to stop scrolling and actually look at a post like this is very difficult to do, especially when apps like Instagram encourage infinite scrolling.

best friend ad

In a similar vein to the previous Instagram massage ad, this one asks a question that’s answered in the caption. The overall design is simple and not especially striking; instead, what’s interesting about this ad is the question it asks. It’s relatable for two friends to want to get a deal on a massage by taking advantage of a couple’s plan, but there may be some uncertainty around the practice. It’s in a gray zone of moral ambiguity, like taking toiletries from a hotel room.

By directly addressing the subject with calm imagery and a positive answer, this ad presents the massage parlor as welcoming and non-judgmental, which is the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing experience. Although this spa may be able to make more money per customer if they didn’t encourage this use of couples’ packages, their approach is likely to result in more customers overall thanks to their friendly messaging.

Best YouTube massage ads

The best massage ads should help the viewer understand what to expect when they visit your business. Creating videos to run as advertisements in front of other content, or to host on your own channel, is an especially compelling form of outreach. These videos are excellent examples of what that looks like on YouTube.

This ad accomplishes several important tasks in a short time. First, it establishes the authority of its spokesperson, US soccer player Carli Lloyd, by showcasing her athletic abilities. Then, it connects the idea of massage therapy to athletic performance when she mentions that it’s part of her regular routine. However, this focus on massage therapy’s functionality in athletics doesn’t detract from its relaxation potential, thanks to the footage of hot stone treatment and a facial. Finally, this ad informs viewers that the business is available nationwide, open seven days a week, and has an affordable deal for first-time visitors. All in just half a minute.

There are two great things about this YouTube massage ad. First, it walks the viewer through the entire spa experience from start to finish: Establishing shots demonstrate the environment, then clean and appealing facilities, then a couple’s session. The second great thing about this ad is how it seamlessly integrates several upsells: makeup, massage oils and soaps, and an attached spa with a pool. The spa even showcases its environmental commitment with each purpose, further incentivizing upsells. All of this is demonstrated in one minute, and the picture it paints appeals to a wide demographic of people interested in a high-end massage experience.

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