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Behind the Look: How Margot Robbie’s Iconic Barbie Blonde Ruled the Pink Carpet

Do you guys ever think about dying your hair?

It was the greeting heard ‘round the world in the summer of 2023: “Hi, Barbie!” Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie is more than just a movie adaptation of Mattel’s iconic doll line; it’s a celebration, a revelation, and a movement. And no one better embodies this movement than star and producer Margot Robbie, who stunned on pink carpets around the globe in Barbie-inspired ensembles that brought the doll’s classic looks to life.

But Robbie’s most important accessory on the Barbie press tour wasn’t her pink heels or matching purses (although they were always on point); it was her stunning blonde hair. Created by celebrity colorist Jacob Schwartz, Margot Robbie’s golden blonde pays tribute to the doll we know and love while adding depth and dimension. Here’s how Schwartz created the “Barbie blonde” shade that’s taking the world by storm.

Meet celebrity colorist Jacob Schwartz

As a colorist at Mèche (one of Boulevard’s original customers), which bills itself as “LA’s premier full-service salon,” Jacob Schwartz is no stranger to Hollywood glamor. Originally from Nashville, TN, Schwartz “always had a keen sense for the diverse color spectrum and an affinity for all things hair.” His journey took him to Los Angeles, where he apprenticed under celebrity colorist (and Mèche co-founder) Tracey Cunningham. After completing his training and learning “creative techniques for creating flawless color,” he started servicing his own A-list clientele, among them Brie Larson, Megan Fox, and Lana Del Rey.

As a colorist, Schwartz’s signature is facilitating natural-looking, seemingly effortless looks that embody his clients’ personalities and styles. When Margot Robbie walked the pink carpet in Los Angeles on July 9, she channeled Barbie’s 1960s “Solo in the Spotlight” ensemble — but the hair color was a Jacob Schwartz original.

The inspiration behind the “elevated blonde” look


When tasked with formulating Margot Robbie’s Barbie locks, Schwartz could have chosen the obvious path by recreating the classic, icy platinum found on most of the dolls in Mattel’s long-running toy line. Instead, he opted to put his own spin on it, taking into account how Robbie’s hair would shine in the Los Angeles sun and be captured by photographers.

“I really wanted Margot’s blonde to embody Barbie on the red carpet without it being so obvious and over-bleached. I wanted it to sparkle when the light hits her hair and bounce like those legendary blonde supermodels and actresses of the 90s,” Schwartz said. He called the color “an elevated version of blonde” that was “more inspired by Barbie but not an exact replica of the doll’s hair.”

“Margot’s hair is far from a Barbie doll’s, which is why it's my priority to keep her hair looking natural, effortless, and true to her.” Schwartz told E! News. Rather than bleaching her entire head, Schwartz used a “babylight” highlighting technique that involves lightening fine pieces of hair throughout her mane. The resulting warm, sunny blonde is punctuated by shades of gold without any of the damage or breakage often associated with lightening hair. Just as Schwartz intended, it’s an effortless look that belies how much work went into creating it.

Come on Barbie, let’s go blonde

Schwartz has honed his technique through years of experience, but he also credits the high-quality products he uses in helping create the Barbie blonde shade. It starts with shampoo and conditioner from Schwarzkopf’s BLONDME line, which have chelating, or anti-metal, ingredients that help prevent damage. “Metal buildup in hair is common and happens when metals like copper, iron, magnesium, and calcium accumulate in the hair over time — often found in our tap water,” he explained. “This leads to hair feeling dry, brittle, and difficult to manage.”

Schwartz stuck with the same BLONDME line for the bleach itself. “The secret is using a high-quality bleach,” he said. He credits BLONDME’s bonding agents with creating a protective layer that reduces damage during the coloring process, again highlighting the importance of reducing metal buildup in hair. Chelating agents like those found in the BLONDME line help “capture and neutralize metal ions in the hair which minimizes hair breakage to ensure soft and healthy-looking hair.”

While it may be tempting to recreate Margot Robbie’s look at home, we strongly advise against it. It’s important to remember that “blonde is one of the most complicated colors to achieve,” according to Schwartz. Rather than risk the breakage and heartbreak that can result from a bleach gone wrong, those looking to recreate Robbie’s pink carpet style should seek out a trusted stylist at their favorite salon. Depending on the color and condition of your hair, it may take some effort to get the look — but when you’re done, you’ll be ready to take on the patriarchy in style.

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