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The A-Z List of Barbershop Services

From beard trimming to waxing, these are services every barbershop should add to their menu

The modern barbershop is so much more than the “shave-and-a-haircut” days of yore. Services previously deemed “not manly enough” and relegated to beauty salons and spas are now widely embraced — and expected — in premium barbershops across the country. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most trendy barbershop services currently available. If these services aren’t on your menu, stop leaving money on the table and get them added immediately.

Barbershop services

Beard and mustache trim and servicing

While haircuts are certainly the focal point of the barbershop experience, it’s essential not to neglect facial hair services.

Offering trimming services is just the start — facial hair services should also include oil treatments, shaping, and conditioning to keep beard and mustache hair clean and vibrant. Many barbershops even offer hot-towel massages to open up the pores and provide a premium luxury treatment.

Cuts and fades

Men’s barbershop services may come and go as tastes change, but the haircut is the foundation of any barbershop worth its salt. Haircuts and fades are staples, and barbers should stay on top of the latest styles and trends for men and boys to anticipate client needs.

Of course, client needs will vary — some men embrace the hippie look and keep long hair, while others may want to save their entire head — so provide a range of price points depending on the time requirement and complexity of the service. And if your barbers are exceptionally creative, consider offering customized designs to give your shop a unique hook.


Facials aren’t just for spas — they’re a new yet vital barbershop service for pampering clients. Moisturizing and exfoliation improve skin health, reduce acne, repair sun damage, and open and cleanse the pores, which helps barbers provide a smoother shave. Take a chance and add facials to your menu; you’ll be surprised by how well they catch on.

Hair coloring and gray blending

Whether it’s a way to mask the gray or simply a way to make a bold statement, hair coloring services for men have grown increasingly popular over the years. Barbershops would do well to offer bleaching and hair dye services to accommodate their clients. Plus, it’s easy to set up recurring appointments for a root refresh as hair grows out and natural color comes back in.

Clients who want to embrace the distinguished look of gray hair can opt for gray blending services. Sometimes gray hair color appears uneven and patchy across the scalp. Or gray color can grow in too light, which can wash out certain skin tones. Gray blending provides more balance and body to the natural color and can be applied with a permanent dye or temporary stains, depending on how committed the client is to the look.

Professional braiding

Braids are a hotly-demanded request from clients looking for cornrows, box braids, locs, or more intricate custom styles. Barbers who know how to braid are in demand right now, so ensure you have staff available — or willing to train up — to provide this service for your clients and give your shop a competitive edge.

Scalp massage and conditioning treatment

Often provided as a combo, scalp massages and conditioning treatments are a great way to pamper clients while generating additional revenue. The scalp massage provides relaxation and stress relief while stimulating blood flow to the scalp, while the conditioning treatment will make hair silky and ready to cut. Just make sure clients don’t fall asleep in the chair!


Men’s barbershop services don’t have to rely solely on haircuts or beauty treatments. A shoeshine is just as valuable as for the businessman on the go. Offering shoeshines can boost add-on sales and help your barbershop stand out from the competition.

Straight razor shave

Straight razor shaving services should be a core, defining offering on the menu of any premium barbershop. Why? There are a few reasons:

  • It’s a better quality shave: Unlike standard, off-the-rack razors, a straight razor can shave hair closer to the root within the skin, providing a sharper, more defined look without the razor burn.

  • It’s hard to do: Shaving facial hair with a straight razor takes a ton of practice without incurring nicks or scratches, let alone making it look good. It’s a dedicated skill that requires proper training that many simply don’t have the time or patience to learn — and people will pay for someone to do it right. 

  • It’s an experience: Straight razor shaves harken back to a time of rotating barbershop poles, sharpening razors with a leather strap, and applying shaving cream with a horsehair brush. There’s a certain romantic nostalgia in the straight razor shave, and making it a memorable experience will draw in the curious and make them repeat customers.

Quality straight razor shaves are hot and show no signs of cooling off. Staff with shaving experts who know how to make this offering special for clients to reap dividends.

Waxing and hair removal

Hair removal doesn’t have to be limited to shaving. Many barber shops offer waxing services to clean up unwanted eyebrow, nose, and ear hair. Offer them alongside your regular haircutting and shaving services, or bundle them into a full-service package to boost revenue.

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How do barbershops ensure they have the necessary expertise to offer services like facials, waxing, and hair coloring, which are traditionally associated with spas and salons?

Barbershops typically ensure they have the necessary expertise to offer additional services like facials, waxing, and hair coloring through various means. This may include hiring experienced professionals who specialize in these services or providing training to existing staff members. Some barbershops may collaborate with beauty schools or attend specialized workshops and courses to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge. Additionally, staying updated on industry trends and techniques is essential to maintaining competence in offering these services.

Are there any specific training programs or certifications recommended for barbers looking to expand their services beyond traditional haircuts and shaves?

There are several training programs and certifications available for barbers looking to expand their service offerings beyond traditional haircuts and shaves. These programs may cover topics such as skincare, facial treatments, waxing techniques, hair coloring, and product knowledge. Certifications from recognized organizations or institutions can help barbers demonstrate their expertise and credibility in providing these services. Additionally, ongoing education and professional development opportunities are crucial for barbers to stay current with evolving trends and techniques in the industry.

What strategies can barbershops implement to effectively market and promote these additional services to their clientele, especially if they are introducing them for the first time?

Barbershops can employ various strategies to effectively market and promote additional services to their clientele. This may include updating their menu of services to reflect the new offerings, showcasing before-and-after photos or client testimonials on social media platforms, and offering promotions or discounts to incentivize clients to try out the new services. Collaborating with local businesses or participating in community events can also help raise awareness and attract new customers. Providing excellent customer service and personalized recommendations based on individual needs can further enhance the client experience and encourage repeat business.

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