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6 Must-Have Features of a Barbershop POS System

The right point-of-sale solution will help you satisfy clients and grow your business

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when opening up your barbershop is choosing a point of sale (POS). Long gone are the days of clunky cash registers; today’s barbershop POS systems are modern and sleek, combining hardware and software to make the checkout process easy for clients and your team.

The best POS systems for barbershops, however, go beyond basic payment processing and incorporate features that elevate the barbershop experience. Whether you’re just opening your doors or ready for an upgrade, here are the barbershop POS features to look for.

6 features to prioritize in a barbershop POS system

Intuitive software

First things first: Your POS software should be easy to operate. Your employees may have varying levels of tech-savviness. The more intuitive the software, the quicker it will be to learn — and to teach to new employees.

Start by looking for a clear, concise dashboard that quickly directs you to the information you need to find. The shop’s transaction history and sales reports should be accessible at a moment’s notice as well. Finally, barbershop POS software should allow you to customize the client-facing components so that they reflect your brand identity — without needing a designer on staff. Keep ease of use in mind as you evaluate potential solutions to avoid tech headaches down the road.

Sleek hardware

When it comes time to actually process those payments, you’ll need the right hardware to complement your barbershop POS software. This doesn’t mean your front desk needs to be covered in equipment; instead, look for compact plug-and-play solutions that require little prior knowledge to operate. Again, simplicity is key, as anything that holds up or complicates the payment step of the appointment can lead to negative client experiences.

For example, Boulevard Duo instantly connects with your setup and its small frame makes it easy to transport and display. It also allows for a variety of payment methods, which is another feature that self-care clients value.

Smart scheduling

Picture this: Business is booming. Your barbershop calendar is packed full of appointments, and your providers’ time is booked from open to close. That’s a good thing, right? Typically, yes — but if you’re not managing that schedule efficiently, you could be leaving money on the table.

Modern barbershop POS software should do more than simply record appointments on a calendar; it should automatically optimize the scheduling process to reduce downtime, increase productivity, allow barbers to get more quality time with their clients, and even accommodate walk-ins in between appointments. This way, you don’t have to waste precious time moving around blocks on a calendar while ensuring a smooth client experience and maximizing profits.

And don’t forget about rebooking! After all, the client relationship doesn’t end when the appointment does; if you’ve done your job right, they’ll want to come back again and again. When it’s time to check out, your software should make it a breeze to find open spots in the future and get that client back on the schedule.

Seamless payments and easy payouts

It’s time to go beyond the standard cash-or-card options. More than half of Americans now use contactless payments like Apple and Google Pay. To keep up with client expectations, you’ll need to be able to accept a variety of payment forms, whether that’s a tap of a card or a smartphone payment app.

With increased payment flexibility, however, comes an increased need for security. Data breaches or fraudulent charges could be catastrophic for your barbershop’s reputation, so ensure that any POS system — software and hardware included — comes with built-in security measures and helps you easily resolve disputes.

When payday rolls around, barbershop POS systems with multi-merchant accounts make it significantly easier to ensure that everyone gets paid on time by ensuring all payments are automatically sent to the proper recipient at the time of the transaction. That means paying rent, distributing paychecks, and depositing tips are handled without headaches — you can even schedule recurring payments for added convenience.

Real-time reporting

Every transaction in your barbershop is a piece of valuable data. Put together, all of these pieces can show you sales trends and give you a clearer picture of how your business is doing. However, if you’re trying to track and analyze all of that information on your own, you’re going to spend more time staring at spreadsheets and formulas than with clients and your team.

Instead, let your barber POS system do the math for you. The right solution will not only track barbershop revenue over time, but provide real-time reporting that enables you to make better business decisions. For example, if your reports show that a particular deep treatment or styling wax nearly sells out month after month while another product collects dust on the shelves, you’ll be able to adjust your inventory ordering accordingly. These reports also come in handy when you’re planning special promotions, as you’ll be able to tell what your clients value and put those services and products in the spotlight.

Client management

The checkout process might be the end of the client’s appointment, but ideally, that won’t be the end of your relationship. Your POS for barbershops should automatically save client details, helping your team deliver more personalized service throughout the appointment — a critical component for building long-term loyalty. You’ll want a solution that makes all the information you need easily accessible, whether it’s preferred pronouns, frequently used payment methods, or purchase history.

Having a barbershop POS with client relationship management features can also help boost upsells. For example, if your software shows that a client last bought shampoo and conditioner three months ago, it’s the perfect time to recommend a restock.

Barbershop POS systems have come a long way. By doing your homework and picking a solution that streamlines your job and helps improve client relationships, you’ll be well on your way to running a thriving self-care business.


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