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7 Influential Women in Beauty You Should Follow

From cosmetics experts to skin care entrepreneurs, these women leaders are among the most influential figures in the industry

Beauty is not just about industry; it’s about community. There are so many amazingly influential figures who contribute to the field that no one list can even include them all. In recognition of International Women’s Month, we’d like to highlight a few inspiring leaders who prove that women can take on the world — and win.

Falguni Nayer


If you haven’t heard of Nyaaa, just wait — given its phenomenal growth, that might change in a short time. Following a successful career in banking, India’s Falguni Nayer founded this successful retail shop to address beauty product shortages for dark-skinned clients. Today, Nyaaa is worth $750 million and dubbed “India’s Sephora.” Outside of the 30+ locations throughout India, one of Nayer’s future goals appears to be opening international sales on its website. Follow Falguni on Twitter at @falguninayar.

Pat McGrath


Vogue called Pat McGrath the world’s most influential make-up artist, and it’s easy to see why. Her style is alternately described as elegant, natural, and adventurous, sometimes in the same review of her work. Perhaps most impressive of all, her innovative techniques include applying make-up by hand, without a single brush. With a 40-year career to her name, McGrath remains one of the most important contributors to the beauty community. Follow her at @patmcgrathreal.

Huda Katan


Huda Katan is an Iraqi-American entrepreneur first known for her beauty blog, Huda Beauty. That brand wasn’t just a blog for long — Katan used it to launch a cosmetics line complete with lipstick, face palettes, and false eyelashes. Huda Beauty quickly became known as a brand offering high-quality products for a reasonable price, making Katan one of the world’s top beauty influencers and one of Time’s richest self-made women. Follow @hudabeauty on Twitter.

Rosalina Tan and Mary Jane On

rosalina mary jane

Rosalina and Jane are the founders behind Pilpina Beauty, or PBeauty, one of the Philippines’ best-known skincare labels. This mother-daughter beauty team is responsible for discovering Pili and Elemi oils, organic farming byproducts that proved to be highly efficient skin hydrators. Today, Rosalina and Jane’s company produces outstanding —and green — personal care products while supporting organic farming communities. Follow @PiliAniOfficial on Twitter.

Psyche Terry

psyche terry

Psyche Terry spent twelve years working in the corporate sector, but her true passion was creating personal care products. This passion led her to create Urban Hydration, a line of natural care products based on formulas that helped Terry’s own dry hair and skin. But when all is said and done, Terry never forgets that the priority is community. That’s why UH contributes to families, college students, and even a clean drinking well in Africa that serves 300 children. Follow @PsycheTerry on Twitter.

Sue Y Nabi

Sue Y Nabi

Even among the company on this list, Sue Y Nabi has an absolutely staggering resume. She’s the founder of vegan skincare brand Orveda and the CEO of Coty Inc. Before those roles, she was a L’Oréal executive for 20 years, where she was responsible for the “You’re worth it” campaign. She tapped Julia Roberts as the model for La Vie Est Belle, and even brought Jane Fonda on board. And on top of this, Nabi is a trans woman who continues to push for diversity in beauty campaigns. Follow @COTYInc on Twitter. 

Boulevard is pleased to celebrate these women and all others fighting to make our industry an inclusive, vibrant, and exciting place.

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