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4 Ways to Boost Product Sales in Your Salon

Pair your clients with the best hair care products for their lifestyles.

Selling products is a vital part of any salon’s financial stability and is another way to provide great service to your customers. You help them look their best in your salon, and by selling them the right products, you’ll help them look their best after they leave, too. These tips will help you be as talented a salesperson as you are a stylist.

Know your products

Make sure you’re familiar with the full line of products available in your salon. If your customer feels like you’ve picked something at random, they’re less likely to make a purchase. Don’t just memorize the ingredients; think through the concerns each client has about their hair. Take the time to learn which shampoos, conditioners, and styling products work best for different hair lengths and textures. Which are better suited for dry or colored hair, and which ones pair well? Consider everything, from the eco-friendliness of the packaging to the fragrance of the product. The more you know, the easier it will be to match your clients with products they’ll love.

Educate your client

The hair care products you sell are helping your client solve a problem. To understand that problem, you need to ask the right questions. What don’t they like about their hair? How much time do they want to spend on it? What kinds of products have they tried before, and what did or didn’t they like about them? Once you have the full picture, choose a few suitable products and explain how they would help. When possible, provide more than one option that serves the same function but fulfills different goals. You might suggest shampoos at various price points or let the client decide if they prefer a spray or gel. Invite them to take a video of you describing how to use each product so that they can refer back to it when they get home. It only takes a few minutes of your time but can make all the difference to your client.

Keep your station clean

It’s common for stylists to keep go-to products at their station so they don’t have to fetch them while they’re working on a client. It’s efficient but can also create a disconnect if you suggest the client purchase something different. Start with a clean station, then add whatever products you use on your customer to your station as you use them. This will make it seem more like you selected it specifically for them, rather than picking something at random off your station. By the time your client is ready to go (and looking incredible), they’ll understand the connection between what you used and how they look. From there, a conversation about buying a product is more about practicality than persuasion because they can see the value in the mirror.

Help them buy online

As much as they value your expertise, customers appreciate the convenience of ordering products online. That doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from that sale! One option is to take advantage of the Amazon Affiliate Program. This program allows stylists, content creators, curators, and reviewers to earn commission on products they recommend to clients who purchase on Amazon. It’s a win-win for you and your clients: They get the convenience of one-day shipping to their door, and your business still profits from the sale. Before you get started, be sure to look into the Application Review Process and put the correct practices into place.

Regardless of how or what you sell, a custom product recommendation is a value-add to any salon visit. Clients get the benefit of your expertise and receive a bit of education, and that goes a long way towards reinforcing the relationship. When selling products, prioritize the client experience, and profits will follow.

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