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3 Signs It's Time to Update Your Legacy Payroll System

If you’re spending too much time calculating payroll, it might be time for a system upgrade.

Payroll is important, repetitive, and tedious, but it shouldn’t be a multi-hour project every week. If you’re running a beauty salon, the better approach is to automate the process so it is far easier to complete. But that’s the bare minimum. Can your payroll system incorporate commissions? What about custom services? Can you integrate your long-term financial goals directly into the platform?

In this article, we’ll discuss the signs that your current payroll system is getting long in the tooth. We’ll also highlight some features you can look for to supercharge the entire process.

You keep seeing errors

Managing payroll should be a simple process of inputting data, making calculations, and outputting the final amounts to the correct accounts. Every additional step anywhere in the system or tech stack increases the chance of an error appearing somewhere. Perhaps someone will forget a data point, get an equation wrong, or misinterpret some obscure tax law.

Even a minor error can snowball into significant consequences. Small errors contribute to incorrect payments and late transactions, which can grow into overall employee dissatisfaction. These are problems for any business, but the bigger your salon, the more complex these issues can become.

When updating your payroll system, you can cut these errors off at the source. Look for solutions that simplify processes, automate payments, and increase transparency — and you’ll reduce stress across your team.

You’re juggling multiple payroll systems

Many businesses have a nasty habit of segmenting payroll data across multiple systems. Personnel data is in the employee files, weekly commissions are in another, tax records are somewhere else entirely — and so on, and so forth. When it’s finally time to sort out payroll, managers have to route data from multiple sources, or worse, arrange everything manually.

A new payroll system is an opportunity to build a centralized payroll management system. Everything you need to complete the task is either in one place or integrated for automatic retrieval. These features help you become more efficient with payroll tasks, letting you quickly move on to other tasks.

You need custom reporting options

One of the biggest challenges salons face when it comes to generic business software is they struggle to address specialized beauty industry needs. Our stylists complete custom services every day, but most platforms can’t account for that degree of flexibility, particularly once commissions and tips enter the mix. Not only does that make it harder to deliver a paycheck, but it’s also almost impossible to analyze services or report on long-term client trends.

When upgrading your tech stack, look for customizable features and templates that you can adapt to either a brand or local level. The more flexible your process can be, the more effectively your system can process an accurate payroll.

As you might imagine, payroll is just one sign that beauty services are changing. Boulevard can help you keep up by offering salon-friendly payment systems, self-booking tools, customized reporting templates, and much more. Contact us today to book a demo and find out how much smoother your daily management tasks can actually be.

Boulevard was built to help your business achieve profitability at scale without losing an inch of sanity. See for yourself! Get a free demo today.

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