Skya Jones' 3 Favorite Boulevard Features to Enhance Your Medspa Business

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Skya Jones' 3 Favorite Boulevard Features to Enhance Your Medspa Business


By Skya Jones

Learn how to streamline client information, boost revenue, and get the most out of your medspa software

Client management. Self-booking. Marketing assistance. Payment processing. As self-care entrepreneurs know, the right software solution goes a long way toward streamlining day-to-day operations and boosting profitability. This is especially critical for medspa owners, who face challenges that other self care industries may not — dealing with protected medical information, creating long-term treatment programs…the list goes on.

In my role as one of Boulevard’s Education Managers, I’ve seen firsthand how the Boulevard platform empowers self-care business owners. I’m always looking for ways to help our customers get more out of their technology, so I recently took to Instagram to share my personal favorite Boulevard features for medspas. Let’s take a closer look at those features and dive deeper into exactly what makes them so useful.

Tagging: A secret language

If you want to foster the kind of loyalty that results in long-term client relationships and repeat visits, you need to add a personal touch. Clients don’t want to feel like just another item on your to-do list, so it’s critical that you make them feel valued. Boulevard’s comprehensive suite of client management tools makes this significantly more manageable with automatically updated client profiles — your team can easily access any client details, make necessary accommodations, and recommend the right products and services based on their history. This data-driven, personalized approach makes clients feel special and helps your medspa rise above the competition.

But what if you could extract even more information about clients at a glance? You can — that’s what tagging is for. I love this feature because it serves as a sort of internal secret language among you and your team and allows you to signify important things about the client. Here’s how it works: Boulevard customers can create and add emoji tags as a way to playfully highlight client attributes. You decide what these emojis mean; maybe you’ll use them to identify VIPs, influencers, and friends and family. Different colored hearts could be used to display clients’ loyalty and how long they’ve been visiting your medspa. It’s completely up to you!

As you’re building out your client profiles, don’t overlook tagging. One little emoji can make a big difference.

Digital forms and charting: Clear the clutter 

“I got into this industry because of the paperwork,” said no medspa owner ever. Yes, you probably started your business because of your passion for all things self-care, but paperwork is another part of being an entrepreneur. Intake forms, consent waivers, treatment notes — the list goes on and on. Medspa owners have to be particularly careful about how this information is recorded and stored because they must comply with HIPAA regulations in order to protect medical privacy.

Here’s the good news: That paperwork doesn’t have to consume your working hours. Boulevard’s forms and charting, another one of my faves, allows medspa owners to digitize all of that clipboard clutter and attach relevant forms and waivers to client profiles. These forms are fully customizable, so you can remain on brand even while collecting client information. That said, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a functional, brand-appropriate form or chart, because the drag-and-drop form builder does the heavy lifting. You can even visually mark up charts and photos to add more relevant information to your treatment notes and minimize the distraction of hopping between different files and apps.

This is a convenient feature for any self-care business, but a must for those working with protected health information. HIPAA violations could result in costly fines and irreparable damage to your business’s reputation, so medspa owners need software they can trust. Boulevard automates and streamlines documentation workflows while remaining HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to focus on your true passion: giving your clients a best-in-class medspa experience.

Memberships and Packages: Build loyalty and drive revenue

Medspa procedures often require ongoing maintenance. Services like Botox, body contouring, and laser hair removal necessitate follow-up visits if clients want to continue seeing results. This can quickly become costly and time-consuming, leading some clients to abandon their treatment plans. How can you avoid follow-up fatigue and overcome the upkeep barrier? By making use of Boulevard’s Memberships and Packages feature.

Medspa memberships are one of the best ways to build loyalty and guarantee future revenue. According to Dr. A. Jay Burns of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, memberships increase the number of times a client visits a medspa every year and how much they spend at each appointment. Of course, self-care business owners don’t have the time to figure out how to build a membership program from scratch, which is why I love this particular feature so much. Medspa proprietors can easily create monthly or annual automatically renewing memberships and custom service packages to better serve their clients and remove some of the barriers to upkeep.

Boulevard also makes it easy for your team to introduce membership programs to clients, making it a simple upsell opportunity. Clients can opt in on their own while self-booking online as well. You set the terms, clients reap the benefits — what’s not to love?

Running your own business is hard, but having the right software makes it significantly more manageable. To learn more about how the Boulevard platform empowers self-care business owners and helps them achieve their goals, reach out today and book a free demo.

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