Turn Boulevard into a review and video testimonial generating machine for your business by integrating with Widewail. Send personalized SMS-based review and testimonial video requests to clients automatically, triggered by a completed appointment. Attract new clients and rank higher in local search with reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more. Share client video testimonials on your site and social media at key decision-making moments to convince prospects to book.

Widewail’s reputation management software makes it easy for local businesses to generate the customer review content they need to power their marketing. Our products help you build trust in your business online. 

Today your prospective clients trust their peers to help them make decisions about which business is the best choice for them. People listen to people, and more than ever consumers look to reviews. 

Widewail helps you capture and utilize customer feedback to fill your calendar, without spending your day managing the process. With Widewail and Boulevard, it's easy to automate the review and video review collection process. The result? A positive narrative around your business on the sites your prospects go to find your services.

Send review and video testimonial requests via SMS and email
Automate the request process with the “Appointment Completed” stage in Boulevard
Personalize messaging with Boulevard data and personalization tokens
Widewail guides your clients from request to review submission in three easy steps on their mobile device
Track review performance with the Widewail reporting suite
Rank higher in local search
Increase review volume and star ratings
Build trust in your business


Reputation Management, Marketing

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