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Boulevard’s core capabilities include online self-booking, automated scheduling, and contactless Point of Sale. TrueLark enhances this feature set even further by providing human-like AI technology, equipped with advanced natural language processing. Boulevard salons and spas can now use TrueLark to guide customers through the booking process, recommend personalized add-ons, share safety protocols, and more.

TrueLark's simple yet powerful automated communication platform handles millions of customer support calls each year.

TrueLark isn’t just another chatbot—it’s the modern way to take care of your customers on their terms. Our novel system responds to everyday language (and its quirks, slang, and misspellings) as naturally as you would. And it works 24/7: before, during, and after hours. It’s easily the most customizable AI out there—and it gets smarter with every interaction. Some businesses use it in lieu of a front desk, call center, or answering service to reduce overhead and provide a distraction-free in-person experience. 

Text is sent when a call is missed to start a conversation
Branded custom language to answer questions
Suggests services and books appointments



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