Integrations / Logo is an advanced AI booking engine. It integrates with Boulevard and does not require any additional training. 2.0 automatically fills open spots in your team's calendar by messaging the perfect client when they are most likely to book.’s promise is to empower Health, Beauty, and Wellness business owners to maximize their revenue so they can focus on what they love – taking care of their guests. We promise to provide business owners the tools to help them compete in an ever changing economy by leveraging cutting edge A.I. driven communications and automation. will automatically fill your schedule and allow you to communicate with your clients like never before, guaranteed.

  • scans your appointments in REAL-TIME looking for any last-minute openings, cancellations or appointment gaps in the next 7 days.
  • When finds an opening, it automatically sends an email or text message to the guests that are due back and most likely to come in (depending on their consent settings).
  • The client can launch Boulevard booking directly from the email or text. Once the appointment is booked it will show up on your schedule.