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Why Salons and Spas Prefer Boulevard.

Tired of booking software that can’t keep up with your business? It’s time to experience a solid technology partner that offers best-in-class support catered specifically to you and your clients. Boulevard is more than just a scheduling tool. Boulevard is a complete management, profit-increasing solution. That’s why our Capterra ratings are nearly perfect (4.9, to be exact).

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We're not a vendor. Boulevard is a partner.

We get it. You need a platform to automatically handle the heavy-lifting across booking, scheduling, communication, products, payments, and reports. Where others fall short, Boulevard is able to do it all. Plus we set you up quickly, run in the background to support your team, reduce costs, offer full support, and help you scale your business.









"I completed a deep review demo with Booker... As a tech startup founder in a previous life and 25 yr veteran of the tech/software space I gave them a fair shot, but could see VERY clearly how Boulevard outshines them all."

James B.


Say bye to disjointed booking

Skip the service menu clutter. Boulevard’s self-booking makes it a breeze for clients to book on your website instead of being taken away to another page. Our technology even automatically shows best vs. all times available, so your team’s schedules are stacked with limited downtime. Efficient for you, easy for clients.

"Really enjoying my Boulevard switch from Booker! It's much more user friendly and it's actually made for the salon environment... not an afterthought!"

Frankie S.


Optimize your payment processing and client experience

No more jumping through hoops to get the answers you need on chargebacks, refunds, and more. As the only certified Payment Facilitator in the beauty industry, Boulevard provides a smart point of sale and sleek payments hardware that empowers you to accept contactless payments, drive upsells and pre-bookings, and easily manage all your transactions, all in one place.

Fully customizable reports for full control

Gone are the days of your platform provider defining how you should view and receive your data. With Boulevard, you have the power to review your numbers the way it makes sense for you. Get custom reports you can actually customize (to the brand-level) so you can slice and dice your data how and when you want.

We’re in it to help you win it with real-time support.

The only thing more frustrating than waiting on hold with an urgent question is having that question answered by someone who doesn’t know your business. Boulevard’s support is the exact opposite. Have a question? Your dedicated Partner Manager will respond in a matter of minutes. Want a regularly scheduled call? You’ll have an invite by day's end. Migrating data? Our team will walk through that process with you every step of the way. We’re here to help your business grow and thrive however, whenever.

Boulevard goes above and beyond, so you can too


All-in-one platform

Intelligent scheduling automation

Self-booking that keeps clients onsite

Customizable reports

Fully-integrated payments

True 2-way texting

Detailed Client Profiles and Accommodations

Sleek, new, simple-to-learn platform design

Dedicated 1:1 Support

Fully managed data migration

No hidden costs


Switching made simple

Getting started with Boulevard is a no-brainer. Regardless of the provider you currently use, our team will have all your data migrated over in no time, and we offer on-demand training sessions and live chats to get you and your team up and running with confidence. With a system designed to be this simple, once you learn it, you never lose it.