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    The Top 10 Boulevard Product Updates of 2020

    By Anna Balliet


    As we reflect on this past year, we’re reminded of the enormous shift in how salons and spas now run their day-to-day. Cars became the new waiting rooms, stacked calendars now show gaps for sanitization processes, masks are the hottest (and most important) fashion statement, and health has become the new wealth. Adaptability has been the theme of 2020, and we at Boulevard are so grateful for our valued partners who collaborate to help ensure we’re delivering the enhancements and features that make their workflows smoother and their clients happier. In case you missed it, here are our top ten product updates of the past year!

    Client Communication

    We all know the real hero is the person monitoring the front desk. They’re cool, calm, and collected while making appointments feel like a breeze from check-in to check-out. It’s a juggling act that deserves more credit! That's why we’re honored to make their tasks a bit less stressful.

    1. Caller ID: Answer the Phone With a Personal Touch

    A new feature added to Boulevard’s Contact Center, Caller ID makes it easy to see client details on your dashboard before answering the phone so you can personalize your greeting. New customer calling? Create a new client profile directly from the Caller ID Card and schedule them on the books!

    client communication


    At Boulevard, we understand that no two businesses function the same. So, reporting shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all either! We want to make sure you can access the data you need when you need it.

    2. Analyze Data Your Way With Powerful, Customized Reporting

    Boulevard’s new Reports let you customize templates, dive deep into results, and keep everything organized so you can turn powerful data into actionable insights. Scalable success just got a whole lot easier.

    Product Year in Review Reporting

    Learn more about new customizable reports here.

    Self-Booking Enhancements

    You provide a luxury experience for all the clients that come to your business, and they deserve that same treatment when booking their next appointment. We’ve made self-booking even more convenient this year with brand-new enhancements. Let’s dive in!

    3. Keep Your Business Strong With New Online Gift Cards

    COVID-19 has created a new reality for your business, and we are here to help with new online gift cards. Now clients can purchase gift cards directly from your booking widget or from a custom gift card landing page. It’s a great way for clients to look forward to their next appointment or send the gift card with a message to a friend, all while providing a new stream of revenue for your business. Win-win!

    Product Year in Review Self Booking Enhancements

    Businesses can personalize the online gift card experience by choosing custom online gift card website messaging, card amounts, available designs, and more! 

    Learn more by reading the new Gift Cards support article.

    4. Waitlist: You’ve Got Business Waiting

    With limited capacity inside your business, your clients are all eager to secure an appointment. Waitlist self-booking ensures everyone has a chance to be next in line for the pampering they deserve — without you missing out on business. 

    Year of Product Review: Waitlist

    Clients can choose a date and time so the front desk knows their exact appointment preference when joining the waitlist. Meanwhile, the dashboard updates to show the front desk how many people are waiting, while clicking the waitlist shows info like Client Profile shortcuts, phone number, and preferred times. 

    To learn more about waitlist enhancements, check out the Waitlist support article

    5. Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows With Self-Booking Deposits

    Life happens and sometimes clients are unable to make their appointments, but your business shouldn’t have to suffer a revenue loss. Now you can charge deposits during self-booking for specific services or professionals. Charging deposits increases the likelihood that a client will show up to their scheduled appointment, and also protects your business when no-shows and cancellations do happen. 

    Read more here.

    Client Rewards

    While you’re providing experiences that keep clients feeling pampered, we’re focusing on platform enhancements that keep them coming back for more. That's why we’ve added new features to help all clients feel special while they look forward to their next treatment.

    6. Reward and Retain Clients With Offers

    Everyone appreciates a special perk. Boulevard’s new Offers feature lets you show your clients some love by creating customizable offer codes that can be used for a future appointment! Whether you’re creating codes for a holiday, to push a product, or to thank new clients, offers are a great way to increase sales while making your clients feel special. 


    You can read more about Boulevard’s Offers feature here.

    7. Turn Customers Into Lifelong Clients With Boulevard’s Loyalty Program App

    Client retention can be tough. That’s why loyal clients deserve special treatment. With Boulevard’s new Loyalty Program app, you can increase client retention by rewarding them for different purchases.

    Year of Product Review: Loyalty

    Customize your program by defining how products and services earn clients points and how those points can be redeemed, even per location. And understand your ROI with detailed reporting! Remember, special perks can turn one appointment into a lifelong relationship.

    Learn more about the Loyalty Program app here.

    8. Membership Enhancements: Accommodate All Your Clients’ Needs

    Remembering to reactivate a client’s membership after they’ve taken a hiatus is difficult. Before, you had to manually pause and resume a membership when the client was back. But now, you can set a future date to resume billing (or cancel if they’re gone for good) when pausing a membership. 

    See info about a client’s membership like the term start, next billing date, or recurring price, directly from the checkout window. And if two clients are sharing a membership, you can see who purchased and who’s the lucky sharer from their profiles and at checkout. Easy peasy.

    Read more about creating and managing memberships in Boulevard.

    Checkout Improvements

    A smooth checkout experience is crucial for both you and your clients, and that shouldn’t stop when a ticket is closed. Life happens, refunds are needed, and fixing mistakes shouldn’t feel nightmare-ish. Here’s how Boulevard has you covered for all of life’s little unknowns:

    9. New Refund Workflows Make Processing and Tracking a Breeze

    Processing refunds just got easier with Boulevard’s new workflow revamp. Exciting new enhancements include automated calculations, commission clawbacks, inventory restocking, and more!

    Refund Workflows

    10. Voids: Mistakes Happen. Now You Can Fix Them

    On busy days, it’s natural for mistakes to happen. Whether you forgot to add a product or the wrong payment method is charged, you’ll want to fix it ASAP. Now you have the ability to void an order on the same business day to create a replacement order.

    Navigate to the Sales tab and select any order that was closed within the last business day. After entering a void explanation, a replacement order will open automatically to fix the mistake.

    Read more about voiding orders here.

    To all of our partners, thank you again for making this year another success. Cheers to even more improvements in the new year! ✨

    XOXO, Boulevard