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    Product Updates: July 2020

    By Anna Balliet


    Welcome to product updates for July! This month, we're going green with your beauty waste, launching our new offers feature (promo codes for everyone!) and making getting that gratuity after-the-sale easier that ever.

    Green Circle diverts up to 95% of their beauty waste away from landfills and waterways, keeping people and the planet beautiful.

    Green Circle X Boulevard

    Fact: Beauty creates a lot of garbage. Our partnership with Green Circle Salons empowers your salon to become a more sustainable business while reducing your waste by up to 95%. The clincher? It doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can actually go green and create a new revenue stream for your salon while making Mother Earth a little bit happier. Win-win.

    • Access the fully-integrated Green Circle Salons app directly within your Manage Business settings

    • Assign custom environmental service fees for individual services

    • Save valuable time. Green Circle fees are automatically applied to each order.

    • Clients get full transparency into fees directly within receipts

    For more information on becoming a Green Circle Salon, visit their website here. For more information on Boulevard’s Green Circle Salons app, check out this support article

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    Retain and Reward Clients with Offers

    Everyone appreciates a special perk— especially when it gives clients a reason to come back. Our Offers feature will let you show your clients some love by creating customizable offer codes that can be used for a future appointment. Whether you’re creating codes for a holiday, and event, to push a product, or to thank new clients, offers are a great way to increase sales while making your clients feel appreciated.

    • Create limited-time offers to increase sales, attract new customers, and fill slow periods

    • Customize your offers for a specific product, service, gift cards, or audience to increase demand

    • Send special offers to clients you haven’t seen in a while using Boulevard’s

    • Allow offer codes to be easily applied during self-booking

    • Save time by automatically applying offer codes at checkout and stack offers with discounts

    Create a Gratuity Order

    Busy days shouldn’t be harder than they need to be when you need to add gratuity from a client after they’ve already checked out. No need to create a new appointment to charge gratuity. Navigate to the Sales tab to create a New Sale, select the staff member, and add a tip.

    Gratuity Order Image July 20 Product Update

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