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    Boulevard Platform Updates: June 2021

    No June gloom over here. Get the latest updates from Boulevard.

    No June gloom over here. Just a whole lot of upgrading, designing, and Pride celebrating. Speaking of Pride, we’re excited to announce you can now set preferred pronouns for both your clients and staff! This new feature will help you create a more inclusive, welcoming environment for all. We’re also rolling out more comprehensive voucher options, active and inactive merchant accounts, better beta reporting capabilities, service-specific self-booking links, and more. Ready for your June platform updates rundown? Let’s get it. 

    Set preferred pronouns for both clients and staff

    In honor of Pride Month, Boulevard is officially making it easier to acknowledge and respect both your clients’ and staff’s preferred pronouns! When a client books an appointment with you, they’ll now be able to set how they identify themselves by choosing He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, Other, or Prefer not to say. This information is automatically stored in their client profile and visible to staff wherever their name is displayed.

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    Your staff can also set their preferred pronouns in their Settings. This will be displayed next to their name in the calendar selection so employees can always address their peers correctly.

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    Get alerts when clients add themselves to the waitlist

    Never miss a new addition to your waitlist. A new notification alert will display on your Dashboard when a client joins your waitlist, so you can easily find ways to accommodate them.

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    We’ve also made it easier for your clients to join the waitlist from the self-booking widget, even when their preferred appointment is not available. They also now have an option to choose "Anytime of day" instead of a specific timeframe.

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    Read more about enabling an online booking waitlist here.

    Create exciting new, multiple-service vouchers

    Before, you could only create vouchers for one specific service. Now, you have the flexibility to create both memberships AND packages with vouchers that can be redeemed for multiple types of services. For example, you can now create a package with a voucher for either two manicures, two pedicures, or one of each. Now you can get more creative with your packages.

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    Create multi-service vouchers in the same way you create vouchers today by navigating to the Products tab of your Manage Business settings.

    Learn more about setting up packages and memberships.

    Customize how staff names appear to clients

    You can now choose how employee names appear to clients within your self-booking widget, confirmation emails, receipts, and the Reception App! In the Business Details tab of your Manage Business settings, you can choose to display staff names as "First and Last Name," "First and Last Initial," or simply "First Name."

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    You can even set an "Alias Name," which would appear in client-facing communications instead. Note that this is different from the employee's "Internal Display Name," which only applies to the Calendar view of the Dashboard.

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    Drive clients to a service or category in self-booking

    Your website is custom to your specific services and brand. To give you more flexibility in how clients book with you online, you can now link into specific areas of your booking widget! This means you can now use unique links to drive clients directly to specific categories or services in the self-booking widget, so they can quickly and easily get their appointment on the books.

    If you’re interested in using this feature, email support@blvd.co with a list of locations and menu items/categories you’d like to create unique links for.

    Easily manage merchant accounts

    Seeing every merchant account ever created at your business is unnecessary most of the time. That’s why you can now filter by "Active" merchant accounts in the Payment Processing tab to make it easier to manage merchants — both old and new.

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    Get more powerful reporting at your fingertips

    This month, you’ll notice several new data measures across different Beta Reports. Here are a few of the highlights:

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    • More granular breakdown in all sales reports: New columns include breakouts by sales types (gross, net, refunds, staff sales reassignments, and counts) and by category (services, retail products, packages, memberships, gift cards, and gratuity).

    • Better understand employee’s hours: You can now add “Staff Role” as a column in the Timeclock Summary report.

    • See which employees are requested most: Add the Requested Appointment % column to calculate the number of requested appointments divided by the total appointments in a given date range.

    • See payment processing fees across all locations: Transaction Fees & Settlement Dates are now available in the Payments & Refunds Report, so you no longer have to download a CSV from the Payment Processing tab for each location separately!

    To read more about all data available in Beta Reports, check out the Beta Reports Data Glossary.

    Have a must-have product feature idea? A question for our Product team? Send us a note at blog@blvd.co and tell us what's up. We’d love to hear from you.