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    Boulevard Platform Updates: March 2021

    This month, we’re excited to provide more flexibility when it comes to ordering services, customizing payment types, using the Professional app, and more! Read on to learn about everything new on Boulevard this month.

    Reorder how services appear and how they’re booked

    It’s critical that your online booking schedules services in the correct order that they should be performed. Before, you had the ability to reorder the way services appeared in your menu, but it also affected the scheduling order. Now, we’re giving you the ability to set your online service menu order as well as the scheduling order separately to ensure that appointments with multiple services are scheduled correctly. 

    To set your online service menu, simply drag and drop the services and service categories to rearrange how they appear. This does not affect the order in which services will be scheduled.

    reorder 1

    By setting the scheduling order, you can configure the order that services are scheduled when an appointment is booked online or by your staff in the dashboard. This is helpful for appointments that have multiple services to ensure they are booked in the correct order. To make it easier to rearrange or add new services into the scheduling order, you can enter both decimal points and negative or positive numbers. This way, you don’t have to enter a new number for all services!

    reorder 2

    Do you have services that can be scheduled before or after any other service? Turn the scheduling order toggle off to make them “Flexible” and maximize the options for when they can be booked. If your calendar is stacked and often has multi-service appointments that are assigned to multiple service providers, making services “Flexible” allows more booking options! Note that any new service you add will be considered “Flexible” unless you add a scheduling order number.

    reorder 3

    To learn more about service ordering logic examples and how to re-order your services, check out the full support article.

    New custom payment types to track other forms of payment

    Previously, you could use the “Other” payment method for any different method your business accepts. Now, you can define each custom payment type in order to make checkout simpler and tracking a breeze. Whether you accept checks or third party certificates such as Groupon or Spafinder, reporting on these payment methods just got easier. Please note that only staff members with the “Location Manager” privilege will be able to add another custom payment type directly from checkout.

    custom payment 1

    Start by defining these custom payment types in your Manage Location settings. Once you add new payment types, you can choose a method to be the default.

    custom payment 2

    To learn more about setting custom payment types, check out this support article.

    New staff sub-merchant activity

    That’s right. We’re giving employees with sub-merchant accounts more power to monitor their payment processing! Before this new feature, if a sub-merchant needed access to their merchant activity they needed to ask a manager to get the report. However, now sub-merchants have the power to view their merchant statements and activity themselves directly from their settings.

    staff sub merchant

    From the menu dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard, click “My Settings.” Then, from the “Merchant” tab, anyone with their own merchant account will now be able to select “View Activity” to see daily activity, monthly activity, and disputes. You can also download all activity, if you’d like.

    New membership settings offer more flexibility

    Get ready for even more options when it comes to how memberships are managed, specifically for past due memberships and businesses with multiple locations.

    membership settings
    • Past Due Memberships - In the past, if a client had failed membership payments, Boulevard would automatically charge them for all previous months’ past due charges. But now, you can choose to waive any past due charges and the customer’s new billing date will be updated to the date when the membership was renewed.

    • Multi-Location Management - If your business has multiple locations, you can now control whether the locations where a membership was not purchased have the ability to edit, cancel, or share a membership sold at another location — giving you more control over client rewards and redemptions. 

    Enable the settings in the “Memberships” tab of your “Manage Business” settings. To learn more about managing memberships, check out the support article here.

    Define your staff’s timecard reasons

    Before, staff members could type any reason into their timecard when they clocked in. This made it difficult to report on specific reasons. Now, you can define specific Timeclock reasons that your staff can choose from, making reporting consistent and easier to track.

    timecard reasons 1

    Start by defining these Timeclock reasons in your “Manage Location” settings. When the Timeclock is enabled, “Other reason” is created by default, which allows staff to enter any reason they’d like. Once you add other reasons, you can choose a new reason to be the default. To require staff to choose a timecard reason when they clock in, make sure the toggle is enabled.

    timecard reasons 2

    To learn more about setting up Timecard reasons, check out this support article.

    Get up-to-date performance in the Professional App

    For professionals who rely on the metrics to monitor their daily sales and performance, getting up-to -ate stats is crucial. To give Professional App users peace of mind, there is now information on the last time the “Performance” metrics were updated. Transparency = less stress.


    More clarity on client voucher charges

    Before, the self-booking widget displayed if a client had available vouchers for a particular service, but the price would not reflect the voucher discount. Now, to alleviate any confusion, the cost will display as $0 if they have available vouchers they can redeem. Note that at checkout, the front desk will still manually apply the voucher.


    Access multiple staff accounts at different businesses

    In the event that a staff member works across multiple businesses, there is now an easy way to switch staff accounts without having to use multiple email addresses!

    staff accounts 1

    In the menu dropdown on the dashboard or the settings option in the Professional app, there’s now an option to “Switch Staff Accounts.” From there, you can select the business you’d like to log into.

    staff accounts 2

    Save time when adding new products

    We’re also saving you a step when managing inventory! Previously, you’d have to add a new product for your business and then individually enable it for all your locations. But now, you can quickly choose which locations will carry the product when creating it. Easy peasy.

    save time

    Duplicate services, products, and forms

    Adding multiple products, services or forms that are very similar can be tedious. But don’t fret. Now there’s a “Duplicate” button to create these items in bulk, saving you precious time.

    Duplicate a Service:

    duplicate a service

    Duplicate a Product:

    duplicate a product

    Duplicate a Form:

    duplicate fin

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